Testimonial: A long distance love affair with the Chevrolet Trax

Have you ever wanted a car so badly that you travelled coast to coast just to buy it? That’s what one of the new owners of the Chevrolet Trax did, as narrated in his testimonial sent to us via email.

Vincent, a resident of Zamboanga City, first saw an ad about the Chevrolet Trax on a local newspaper. It wasn’t love at first sight, but the new subcompact crossover definitely got his attention.

As a probable car buyer, it’s normal to look for more information about the vehicle before shelling out hard-earned cash. That’s what he did and fortunately, he went to AutoDeal.com.ph to find out more about the Trax LS AT, and he wasn’t disappointed.

Vincent used the on-site Car Comparison tool to place the specs of the Chevrolet Trax side-by-side against one of its greatest competitor, the Ford EcoSport. This made his dilemma between the two cars easier for him. Before, he used to get brochures from dealerships and physically putting them side-by-side to compare their spec sheets – even making his own chart.

Through the AutoDeal Car Comparison tool, he was able to easily filter the things that he needs (and doesn’t need) in a car, in relation to his budget. After seeing the results, he decided to go with the Trax.

Here’s the catch: the nearest dealership was Chevrolet Cagayan De Oro (CDO), which was a 514-km drive from his home in Zamboanga City. However, through AutoDeal, Vincent was able to transact with the dealership directly without even setting his foot inside their showroom. It was a smooth transaction; he even accounted his experience as “very convenient” and “hassle-free.”

Moreover, the sales consultant from the dealership didn’t give him a hard time with his queries. After several phone calls, his trust was gained, thus the decision of buying the car was easy. This is a clear testimony that the proper communication of a dealership with a customer can definitely make or break a sale.

Experience with Chevrolet CDO

Part of Vincent’s positive experience when he bought the Trax was when he came to pick up the car at Chevrolet CDO. Upon setting foot in the showroom straight from the airport, Vincent was warmly welcomed and was offered coffee by the sales consultant he’s dealing with. Although he already expected this since he’s the buyer, Vincent was still grateful enough to mention this through his testimonial.

Furthermore, he also noted that the staff of Chevrolet CDO gave him excellent professional service. He was also given a brief orientation on Chevrolet’s 24/7 Road Assistance program and the vehicle’s warranty. After the key was given, he had a chance to familiarize with the Trax, especially its controls and high-tech features.

As to his experience with the new Trax on his way home, Vincent was fairly happy with it and his expectations were met. He specifically noted that the car was “fast” and that it was a “turbocharged ride.”

In case you’re wondering, the Trax’s 1.4L engine can churn out a class-leading 140 hp and 200 Nm of torque, which is at least 24 hp and 46 Nm higher than its competitors. This is besides the fact that it has the smallest engine among them.

Overall, Vincent’s experience was a clear evidence of how an effective website, excellent customer service, and a dire need to own the perfect car works together for a memorable car buying experience – even if the dealership is quite distant.

For more information about the Chevrolet Trax, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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