Valentine's gift ideas for your car nut lover.

Finally, Valentine's Day is only few days away. In context, it is said that love is a matter of give and take. However, you don't have to be overly-romantic in choosing what to give your love ones – especially when your beloved is a car nut.

There is a wide range of ideas on how to make your partner jumping for joy (with love) this Valentine. While there are a handful of car accessories in the market today, there are plenty more things to consider putting onto your list. On that note, we thought of ways to make your date/present unique and unforgettable.

Dress your partner up.

You may have been adding a bunch of accessories in and out of your partner’s car lately, so why not give something he/she can put on? This time, make it different by looking for items, which your special someone can wear and brag while he/she drives.

We were thinking, a new sporty sunglasses to protect his/her eyes from the harsh sunlight. Not only you can help retain your love one’s eyesight, you can also cross out any possible accident that is caused by temporary blindness from the sun. You can also make him/her comfortable with the help of a proper driving shoe.

For safety purposes, you can also opt for the cheaper classy-looking key holder, or the more expensive key tracking device. Key holders are a great way to organize your partner’s keys in one place, while a tracking device is like a keychain which can be paired to a mobile phone in able to locate it.

What’s a car nut without maintenance tools?

Wrenches, screw drivers, lug bar, bolts, nuts, and pliers are some of the most essential tools to have inside the trunk of a car. While these may already have been inside your car nut boy/girlfriend’s car, there’s nothing worry about. There are more items out there that he/she may have missed.

Why not look for a tire pressure gauge? For the uninitiated, it is a device used to evaluate your tire pressure by sticking it in the tire valve. Available in analog and digital, you can pick whether your car nut partner is a vintage head or a modern type.

More items like cleaning supplies and compact multi-tool kit are a great idea. Cleaning supplies wear off, so resupplying them for your partner would mean convenience to him/her. Handy compact tools on the other hand can either be stored in the glove compartment for emergency use.

Stir up your love one’s gamer side.

Video games are a good way to drive out stress. With this, why not give him/her a break from the real world? Of note, a racing simulator could be the one he/she needs. Not only is it a great way for pastime, it is also a safe way to pump up a driver’s adrenaline. Besides, there are even car modification ideas stored inside every game that would help a lot for future car developments.

Game franchises like the Gran Turismo series, Formula 1, Dirt series, Need for Speed, and Forza Horizon, are few of the vast choices of digital racing. Meanwhile, you can add realism to the experience by equipping the console with a racing steering wheel. Quality gaming steering wheels cost P5,000 or higher, depending on the brand.

Go for the little things.

Another option, if you find the abovementioned items too much, would be something that will add flavor on his/her shelf. Leave the car alone for now. Instead give your beloved more of it. We’re talking about car scale models, radio-controlled cars, and vintage car brand posters/signs.

Experience the thrill in racing!

Of course, you don’t have to travel outside the country just to experience the thrill of racing. There are other ways to do this, one is go-karting - and there’s City Kart Racing right inside Makati City where you can do just that.

Like in a racing simulation video game, this activity could drive out his/her thirst for speed. Now, instead buying tickets to a movie house this Valentine’s Day, why not get your beloved car nut a pass to a go-kart race?

However, if you want to settle with car accessories, we still listed some ideas for you. For safety and security, a dashcam will be a smart buy. Meanwhile, if you want your love one’s car to stand out, a high-mount brake light and personalized stickers/vinyl are few of the many choices. If you are after convenience, look for a universal cellphone mount.

It is always wise to remember that gifts are not determined according to their value, but to how much love and effort you put into getting one. With this being said, we hope you find the right gift idea for this year’s love month. And in tune of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space we sing, “gotta long list for your car nut lover. ♪”

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