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The local government’s efforts to contain the spread of the Coronavirus have made many car companies, in the interest of public health and safety, cancel their live launch events. With traditional launch events out of the picture and other automotive events being postponed, car manufacturers have had to think outside the box. These companies are looking to find new ways to disseminate information without the need for a social gathering. Enter Virtual Reality (VR) and online car shopping, two new mediums that could help revolutionize automotive marketing. 

virtual reality showroom

A relatively new concept to selling vehicles is the Virtual Reality showroom. Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that one can interact within a seemingly real or physical way. Due to the government's push for social distancing, this could come in handy for car manufacturers who want to market their vehicles without the need for the customer to go to a dealership. 

Cadillac in the United States has started a VR project that lets customers see and experience all of its vehicles without the need for a physical unit. The American brand is already testing the technology out with the launch of its XT4 premium crossover. So far, Cadillac’s version of the technology gives customers the option to test features such as exterior and interior colors, trim levels and other specifications earlier without the need to wait for physical inventory. This lets prospective buyers configure their vehicles without the need for one to be already be physically made. Skip D'Amico, the digital lead of Cadillac, says that with the aid of VR it has already convinced some customers that they are actually in the vehicle. The American brand already has plans to roll out the new technology in June. 

With VR technology advancing at a fast rate this could become the new reality (pun intended) when it comes to marketing vehicles in the age of the internet. 

online shopping for cars

In today's modern times almost everyone has access to the internet. Prospective car buyers only need to hop on their web browser and go to the car brand's site and there they have almost all the information they need to research on a vehicle. Other websites like Autodeal also offers a similar experience with the added bonus of reviews and videos. This helps enhance the buying experience for the prospective as it gives them more information to make smart decisions about buying their vehicle. Buyers can even get a quote from their chosen brand's dealership for their chosen vehicle. It makes car buying easier and simplified. 

suzuki xl6 360 photo

Some automotive manufacturers have also added 360-degree views of their vehicle models to their websites. This allows the prospective buyer to take a look at the vehicle and experience being in it without the need for a physical unit.

Brands such as Suzuki India under the Nexa distributorship have already found ways to showcase an entire vehicle without the need to see the unit in person. The company has given its prospective buyers an all-around view of the vehicle from the inside and out. It lets the buyer visually inspect and experience the vehicle from the comfort of their web browser. Having a good look at a car inside and out could be key for the buyer to make a proper decision about getting the vehicle. Technology like this doesn't only help the buyer but it brings them the information they might want when considering purchasing a vehicle. 

With technology rapidly advancing its only a matter of time as Virtual Reality and Online shopping could become the next automotive marketing frontier. 

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