Zero Gravity Seats explained

Have you ever wished for a ride that gets comfier as you go on compared to when you started it? Or are you tired of getting exhausted after each drive? It's a little frustrating, we know.

While your driving position is the main culprit of your comfort and discomfort, Nissan has a technology that’s designed to make you feel a lot better, even on long drives. 

Dubbed as the 'zero-gravity seats', the Japanese automaker has come up with a seat that cradles the natural position of the human spine. The whole idea about it is that our body gets tired due to the effect of gravity to our body, more weight means more pain and weight is a product of gravity. This is also why we are less likely to get tired in space, because our body assumes a neutral posture when there’s no gravity. 

Of note, the zero-gravity seats is structured in a way that our spine is normally positioned – similar to when it’s placed in space. The seat is integrated with 14 pressure points, which provides support from the hips, all the way to the shoulders. Furthermore, the seat is also designed to healthily regulate the blood flow that results to more energy.

The zero-gravity seats is available locally on the Nissan X-Trail and Altima. Meanwhile, in other countries, the  2016 Titan,  2015 and 2016 Rogue, 2015 Murano, and 2016 Maxima also comes with the same seat technology. See for yourself what the zero-gravity is all about on the video below.

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