General Luna, Dr. Rizal, Former Pres. Aguinaldo

Since it's National Heroes Day, we wondered: if modern-day cars were available during the colonial time, what would our heroes prefer? Good thing, one of our awesome graphic artists (GA) took the risk of using our well-kept, use-only-when-needed time machine (which we wished was a DeLorean DMC-12, but it's not) and asked some of the Philippines' renowned heroes. Here's what he reported when he got back.

"I could use an ambulance." – Melchora Aquino 

Of course, for Tandang Sora, it’s got to be an ambulance. We all know why, right? Melchora Aquino, who's also known as the 'Grand Woman of Katipunan' because of her age, was also the medic of the revolution. She provided medical aid to wounded revolutionaries and assisted them with maternal advice.  

"As I listen to her speak, the Baic MZ45 Ambulance was the initial vehicle that came into my mind," said our GA.

The 'Brains of the Revolution' likes it comfy. 

Our GA friend was also able to reach the first Prime Minister of the Philippines Apolinario Mabini. He described the late presidential adviser as inspirational and deeply moving. When asked, our GA recalled him saying, "I would love a transport that's also like a home." 

"I knew, in that very moment, that the Toyota Alphard would bring a huge smile on his face. So I showed it to him. Indeed I was correct."

The ideal Presidential car 

Near the quarters of Mabini, our guy found Emilio Aguinaldo – the 1st president of the Republic of the Philippines. Due to his toxic schedule, they only had a straightforward talk. The late president said he likes what most president would consider having; something decent and full of class. 

"By that time I knew it was the Mercedes S-Class he was talking about. Glad I was right."

The general wants a car that will mirror his toughness. 

In history, General Antonio Luna is feared because of his authoritative temperament and short temper, which makes him one of Philippines' best military generals. He served under the rule of President Aguinaldo and has won many battles in the Philippine-American war. 

"He just said he wanted a car that's instantly like him. He even asked his brother to paint it for me to clearly visualize the car. I was ‘shookt’ after seeing a Toyota Yaris on the canvas," told our GA.

The Supremo is aggressive – straight out from the history books. 

Being the supreme head of the Katipunan, Andres Bonifacio must have had the aggressive and brave personality of being a leader. It's no joke that what they were fighting back then was for our sake right now – independence from the oppressors. So when asked, he said he want a "powerful and aggressive" car.

"GT-R. That has got to be the Nissan GT-R, with its 3.8L V6 engine capable of 570 hp...and an appropriate custom license plate."

Dr. Jose Rizal – writer, Ophthalmologist, scientist, and visual artist 

He wrote the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, 2 of the books that shaped the nationalism of Filipinos; pieces that were rumored to have sparked the Katipunan. Dr. Jose Rizal was a genius at an early age. In fact, it is said that he wrote his first poem at the age of 8. Among his many achievements is being the founder of the La Liga Filipina organization, a group aimed to gather the people involved in the reform movement. 

"The last clear thing I heard him saying, while enumerating his achievement, was him founding the civic organization La Liga Filipina. It was a no brainer taking ‘civic’ in the context. I'm giving him the Honda Civic," as stated by our GA. 

It is quite mysterious what cars our heroes would love to have if our timeline and theirs aligned. And since the images and statements above were subjective based on the ideas of our graphic designers and writers, (of course) you are free to agree or disagree. That’s the beauty of independence, brothers and siters – one of the things our heroes fought for. Happy National Heroes Day.

Disclaimer: there were no back-to-the-future event happened during the making of this article, our graphic artist is still in one piece, and all quoted statements are only fictional.

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