What makes a good sales agent

The process of buying a new car can be an exhausting experience, especially if you try to go at it alone. There's a boatload of things to consider, and the average buyer may not have the time or will to go through them thoroughly.

The wise car buyer enlists the help of a valued professional. Having a good car sales agent can save you valuable time and money, not to mention it can spell the difference between regret and satisfaction. So, whether you’re in the market for an entry-level hatchback like the Kia Picanto or a new mid-size SUV like the Isuzu mu-X, these tips will help you find the best car sales agent for you.

A good car sales agent knows the vehicles they're selling inside and out. If they have considerable knowledge gaps with particular models or specifications, it can be a red flag. They should be able to tell you valuable information that you couldn't have otherwise known through simple research. 

If it appears you understand more about the car than the person selling it to you, run far away. There are better salespersons out there, and you have to find them.

The customer is always right. That's what people say, right? It's correct more often than not, and it's because no one else can tell you what you love in a car. They can suggest models and push you in one direction, but if they seem desperate to sell you something, that's a sign they're up to no good. What a good sales agent would do is listen to what you want and narrow down the options accordingly.

Practically nobody has the time to stay all day at a dealership and debate the fine points of what makes a car a great buy. Ideally, you want someone who values your time by getting straight to it and giving you the information and details you need to make the right decision. 

You want an efficient and decisive salesperson who won't backtrack every other minute. Do you want to test drive a unit? They should be able to schedule it without much of a hitch.

Another hallmark of a good car salesperson is if they get back to you promptly. Suppose the car you want isn't available. The sales agent has to be able to give you a direct timeline for availability. 

Getting back to you even when they're not on the clock can also be something to watch. If they leave you hanging for no apparent reason, find another agent. Many salespeople out there would love to show you better deals in a heartbeat.

While buying a new car can be challenging, you can make it easier by learning what makes a good sales agent. All you have to do is find someone who knows their stuff, listens to what you want, values your time, and follows up with you on time. 

When your sales agent checks all the boxes, the car buying experience can even turn into a pleasant one. Don't sell yourself short by settling for a mediocre salesperson.

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