How to tell if you're dealing with a good sales agent

While it is easy to identify a bad sales agent, identifying what makes a great sales agent could be harder. After all, people tend to remember one bad deed over several good deeds. It’s just expectations versus reality. 

We at AutoDeal know what makes a good sales agent. So much s that we’ve compiled a list of traits and have an entire Agent review feature that clients can use to review the agent that they closed a deal with. 

A good agent will reply to you within a good time frame. We’ll go on record to say that some of the best agents have reply times of just a few minutes. From the submission of the inquiry all the way to the reply, the agent will ideally have a reply ready for you. 

You may actually view the average reply speed of all verified AutoDeal agents on their respective profiles. There are other metrics and pieces of information that you can see on each individual profile, as well as reviews.

It’s no use talking to a wall. Great agents know their products inside and out. Amazing agents can expound upon the products that they sell, and tell you everything that you need to know. Great agents won’t beat around the bush either. They will tell you straight up when you have a question regardless of if the car has flaws. 

Acknowledging a product’s pros and cons is all a part of honesty. By being honest, customers will know what they are paying for and figure a way around it or just outright accept it. Satisfaction is key to keeping a customer happy, getting short-changed and feeling like you’ve bought the wrong car is not a great feeling. 

Once you get into the conversation with someone, it may be easy to lose interest depending on their demeanor. A great agent will be able to relate and make interesting small talk with his or her clients. Talking to a great agent should not be boring, and he or she will be able to make you feel special. 

You also want someone that will address you with a smile. Even after dealing with several clients throughout the day, it’s still nice to have someone that will definitely be pleased and ready to serve. 

Interactions with your agent don’t stop after you pay, vehicle ownership is not just a one-transaction deal. After you buy a car, it’s not uncommon that someone will recommend a particular agent to another customer, or perhaps help you deal with some aftersales services. 

A good agent must know their way around the dealership, and be able to direct you to people who can help, or help you out themselves. 

With the number of inquiries the agent must get on a daily basis, it certainly helps if they remember you. A good agent must treat their clients like their own friends, remembering their best interests at heart, and showing a modicum of care every time.

Going above and beyond is an agent that remembers what car you bought and asks you how you like it. 

Now, if you want to find some of the best agents in the Philippines, head on over to our agent section to find out which agents have the best ratings. You will be able to see how many cars they’ve sold as well as their reply speed and how long they’ve been on AutoDeal. 

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