What New Car Owners Need to Enjoy Unstoppable Trips

Dreams do come true to people who work hard. So, if you are a new car owner reading this, then congratulations! It is an exciting milestone any person should be proud of. So, take pleasure in welcoming this phase in your life, and relish the moments with your new car.

Being a newbie driver has major pros and cons. You are too passionate to move and you are quite driven to drive anywhere your new car could take you. When friends would call you to try the new cafes in the South, you’d readily answer yes. Chances are, you will even volunteer to drive and give the barkada the ride needed for the food trip through Tagaytay.

Or, when a team-building activity is announced, you will now be included in the designated drivers’ list. You will gladly pick up your office mates for the carpooling, and bond with them through the long drive to La Union. Well, team-building is also a great opportunity for some R&R, right?

Car Going Down Road

When your family needs someone to wind down for a beach trip in Subic, you will be nominated to bring your car. Or when they need someone to do that errand trip for your family’s essentials like a run to buy medicines or get something from the supermarket, or to pick up the kids’ modules from the schools. For sure, you will not say no. You’re too enthusiastic to drive your new auto, and you do not want to miss the chance of being their designated driver, too. 

But, the highs of being a new car driver are equated with lows, if you will encounter unnecessary reasons to stop throughout your journeys. Certainly, what you envisioned is an unstoppable long ride, with absolutely no interruptions. 

So what do you need to enjoy unstoppable trips? Here we sum up a few things you need to remember before taking your car for the long drive:

Car Manual

Whether you have been driving your car for months, or you have just purchased it, it is always helpful to read up about all the features that the vehicle is equipped with. Get the car manual handy or write the features down ahead of time if this will prevent you from forgetting anything when you are put on the spot. Or just make sure you know by heart the basic car features, especially the tools and the spare tire before you go for your essential errand run or road trip.

Yes, your car is new. There might be no reason for you to suspect that it is not prepared for your many trips during the day, or even for your long and non-stop driving. But it will give you peace of mind if you know that your vehicle is equipped for any type of travel. Check the brakes and tires, test the A/C, stereo, and lights, and make sure that there’s a spare tire. If the car is brand new, you may skip going through checking the tire pressure, belts, caps, hoses, and filters, as well as the fluids. But if it’s second-hand, you should do a maintenance check of all these, especially the fluids. You must know your car’s fluids, and make sure they’re in perfect condition before you drive away from home.

Cargo Space Car

If you’re going for a road trip, make sure to pack light. You don’t need neck pillows, blankets, and overflowing bags of snacks. Or even if you’re just running to get some essentials done, always remember that packing in loads of unnecessary stuff in your car would add more weight, which isn't what you need if you're tight on fuel budget. The heavier your load is, the harder your engine works to get your car going; the harder your engine works, the more fuel it needs to burn. Try keeping things ample for a breathable cabin space that you and your passenger would enjoy.

Caltex Fuels

Traveling is costly. Maintaining a car isn’t cheap either. You need something to rely on to help you get through your countless essential trips.

So practicing smart tricks with car mileage especially when going for any type of trip is quite critical. Taking a moderate speed and slowing down your acceleration would help in saving gas mileage. More importantly, choose the gas that provides unbeatable mileage. For this, a great option is Caltex with Techron® since it has been scientifically proven to clean and protect engines.

Caltex Gas Station Philippines

Techron® does not only remove dirt but also prevents deposits from forming on critical parts of your car’s engine. A clean engine will function at its most optimum to give you maximized power, better fuel economy, lower emissions, a smoother drive, and reliable performance. This allows your car’s engine to function at optimum, delivering maximum power to your wheels. 

To make sure you’re able to go through your errand runs (or your long drive) during the day, you need to have an organized schedule and check the routes available. Do not engage Waze while you’re driving. You need to study the routes and maps before you drive, and you need to follow the weather forecasts diligently (two weeks before the trip at the very least). 

Prepare all things related to your drive. If you’re being asked for essential errands, make sure that you understand your family’s instructions and that you’re clear with all the things needed to be accomplished. If you’re to buy medicines, bring the prescriptions. If you have to get groceries, make sure to have a list of to-buy stuff. If you’re picking up the modules, you have to remember the schedules given by the school. And if you’re going for a long trip, do take note of your hotel bookings, itineraries, restaurants on the road, and gasoline stop ahead of time to give you peace of mind. 

Whatever the trip may be, make sure you fuel up with the gasoline that gives you unbeatable mileage to avoid unnecessary stops. Drive your car in excellent shape and form, and drive safely. But do not stress out the minor stuff. It may be your first-ever road trip or your first time being the designated family driver, so do yourself a favor: Enjoy being unstoppable during any type of journey.


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