Ped Xing

We now all know what rumble strips really do. But how about those road signs that says "Ped Xing?" What or who is it anyway?

If you're thinking that it's an Asian name made to honor the person who invented pedestrian lanes, you are wrong. In fact, Ped Xing is just a shorthand version for Pedestrian Crossing: 

Ped-estrian cross(X)-ing. Ped Xing.

Ped Xing signs are made to warn oncoming motorists of a pedestrian lane or an area where people cross the road. They are usually in areas where there is no intersection and a pedestrian crossing is needed for easy access to major establishments such as hospitals, schools, among others. They can also be found in intersections that lack pedestrian lanes.

If it isn't obvious, you are to slow down upon seeing this sign and watch out for people that are waiting to cross. Remember, pedestrians are road users too. We must all do our part to ensure the safety of everyone.

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (1, 2)

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