Suzuki Swift: More, that you can afford – Which Variant

It’s not easy to deny that the Suzuki Swift has been an underrated favorite in the subcompact hatchback category of cars. When it comes to this segment in the market, Suzuki executes well since the brand is adept at producing cars built to a price point.

The Suzuki Swift only comes with three variants, making your choice simpler. Let us help you decide Which Variant is the perfect one for you. Here’s a quick guide on how to navigate the shortlist of 2019 Swift variants in the Philippines. 

Suzuki Swift: More, that you can afford – Which Variant 

All of the engines in the Swift lineup are the same. Moving up the ladder does not grant you access to more displacement, which is a good thing if you’re just looking to score the nameplate. With a registered 82 hp and 113 Nm of torque, you can’t expect this subcompact to be a hot hatch, but considering that it is a city car, its engine makes sense. You can get this GL MT variant for a price of just P755,000, which is not bad considering the landscape of subcompact hatches. It undercuts other brands by quite a bit. 

This variant has a clutch pedal and a touchscreen infotainment system, two items that we don’t see too often together in today’s automotive marketplace. It’s a better experience for those that prefer the feel of a manual transmission, with some premium elements.

Suzuki Swift: More, that you can afford – Which Variant 

With a five-speed manual transmission, you get no cruise control, halogen reflector headlights, and a more affordable price tag. Having a clutch pedal can save you some money at the pump to a certain extent, but probably not as much as the CVT variant, which is up next. 

Suzuki Swift: More, that you can afford – Which Variant 

Here is a classic dilemma, do you invest for convenience and get the automatic? Or do you save money at the dealer and buy a manual? Ultimately how you drive will be the main determining factor when it comes to the efficiency of your car, but a little technology never hurts anyone. 

The continuously variable transmission, or CVT for short, mixes fuel economy with the convenience of a traditional automatic. The GL CVT variant comes in at just P44,000 more than the manual, and it comes with all the same features as the GL MT. Will the CVT warrant the price increase given the same features? We believe so. 

As stated before, Suzuki know how to build a car to meet a specific price point. The top of the line GLX CVT variant exhibits exactly what Suzuki can do with the smaller cars in the market. It comes with rare features, such as a projector LED headlamps, and LED taillights. These features are unheard of in its segment and are nice additions that spruce up the exterior quite a bit. And instead of the flat silver finish that can be found on the GL variants, you get two-tone alloys on the GLX. 

It also comes with cruise control, automatic climate control, an eight-inch instead of the seven-inch infotainment screen, keyless entry with a push-button start, as well as a set of rear parking sensors to avoid sticky situations. At P899,000 however, is the price for entry a good investment regardless of whether this Swift is jazzed up? 

Suzuki Swift: More, that you can afford – Which Variant 

This model is good value if you’re looking for a small subcompact. It can’t quite compete with other alternatives with more power, but it makes up for it with regard to its fuel-efficient 1.2L engine and its appealing looks. With a variant under P800,000, it’s hard to deny that even at its base trim, the model makes a good name for itself. Just add P44,000, and you have yourself a CVT though. 

Suzuki Swift: More, that you can afford – Which Variant 

So our runner up is undoubtedly the GLX CVT. At about P100,000 more than the GL CVT, it’s a tough call to make. Do the added features warrant the bump in price? Perhaps, but as a daily driver to take around the city, the lower variants are enough. A P100,000 increase with a more powerful engine would have been more worthwhile, but that is not the case – sadly. 

Suzuki Swift: More, that you can afford – Which Variant 

So our top pick, or picks rather are the two GL variants. While not the most equipped models, these have enough features and a low price tag to boot. For your daily drive, get the GL CVT, because it offers such good value and comes in at a sweet spot of under P800,000 for a subcompact hatch with great style. The manual variant is also included since there are still some of us that love finessing through the gears ourselves.  

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