MG ZS Variant Comparison Guide

The MG ZS blazed a trail pretty long back when it was launched. Surprisingly, we can see many of these cars on the road, but with a price tag and feature-set as attractive as the ZS’, It’s hard to resist. 

Now with a price that is under P1,000,000, the MG ZS is a compelling package because it ticks a lot of boxes for many. There are a total of 4 variants on offer from MG Philippines, let’s comb the list to see which one is right for you. 

MG ZS Engine

Serving as the only manual variant in the lineup, the MT Style is the entry-level ZS that you can get for only P818,888. The model has a 5-speed manual transmission attached to a 1.5-liter gasoline motor that produces 112 hp and 150 Nm of torque. What’s good about the base variant is that it doesn’t come with steelies and hubcaps like most other base models. Instead, it has a set of 16-inch alloys, which are an upgrade in terms of style – pun intended. 

The exterior is good-looking, but it is also functional because standard throughout the range is a set of halogen projector headlamps. Save for the wheels, almost everything on this model looks like something top of the line, so you’re not going to be sacrificing style points. 

Moving up one variant higher on the ladder, you have the AT Style. Instead of the manual stick, MG has outfitted this variant with a 4-speed automatic transmission, meaning you will only have two pedals instead of one – obviously. The seats are also clad in leather and so is the steering wheel as well as a few other touchpoints around the cabin. You also get faux carbon fiber, which add even more style to the – uh Style. You also get a front armrest, unlike the manual variant, and a touchscreen infotainment system. You also get bigger wheels, now at 17-inches in diameter which stands out from the 16-inch set in the manual variant. 

Not only do you get added interior bits, but you also get supplementary safety systems as well. MG bundles the Style AT with electronic stability control, hill hold control, Traction control system, vehicle dynamic control, brake disc wiping, as well as rear parking sensors. All this can be had at a price of P868,888, just P50,000 more than the MT variant. 

Serving as a rather new variant to the lineup, the Style Plus adds a keyless entry system to the ZS, which allows seamless ingress and egress and ignition via a push-start button. You also get steering wheel controls for your intotainment which is nice for no-look volume changes or track skipping. Finally, you get an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay attached to 6 speakers as well as a backup camera. 

With a price tag now at P898,888, however, which is a P30,000 premium over the AT Style, that’s a head scratcher. 

This AT Alpha model will cost you a hair under P1,000,000, which means that its price is P988,888. Not bad considering that you get the best that MG offers from its best-selling model. You have everything that was previously mentioned, with even more style than the Style variants. How you may ask? Well try a panoramic sunroof, driving modes that alter your steering feel, a backup camera, electronic climate control, heated sideview mirrors, additional side and curtain airbags, a tire pressure monitoring system, and to top it all off, its alloys are machined to give it a two-tone finish. 

All of these additions, however , will set you back P100,000 over the Style Plus variant, which is going to be a tough pill to swallow when considering the model’s total price tag coupled with the more affordable variants. 

MG ZS Rear Badge

With all models under a million, it’s a bit hard to pick since this subcompact crossover sits in a price bracket that is easily accessible to quite a few car buyers. The variant lineup, in general, is not that ill-equipped, though there are goodies awaiting consumers up the price ladder. The Alpha model is a good pick, though we think that the best sellers sell in volume because the price is accessible for many. 

So our value-pick for this car is the AT Style. In terms of most value for money, this variant is well-below P1,000,000 and is definitely a choice that is to be considered if you are on a budget. We think that if you can live without the reverse camera, and the snazzy infotainment system or the other amenities, then this is the variant to get. 


Though, if you are feeling a bit fancy, you cannot go wrong with the Style Plus. This is going to be our overall winner because it still slots well under a million, but has a backup camera and premium infotainment for the variant lineup. Though, we cannot deny that if you want a lot of fancy, the Alpha is still a good pick, but it is on the expensive side, still you only spend a million pesos with about a thousand in change. 

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