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The Corolla Altis has been a popular mainstay in Toyota’s lineup. The compact sedan made itself in the early 90s as one of the go-to cars for those starting a family. It represented practicality and reliability in one simple form factor. 

Now that the Corolla Altis has entered its 12th generation the family sedan has brought something new to the table. On top of sporting the new TNGA platform, it also comes with a hybrid variant. With the sedan possessing a lot of great features, it can be difficult to find the one that best fits you. The question now is, which variant should you go for? There are currently four variants available on the market, so let’s dig in.

Toyota Corolla Altis E

The E variant serves as the base model of the Corolla Altis. Being the entry-level variant there aren’t many bells and whistles but Toyota priced the variant well just putting shy of a million coming in at P999,000.

Under the hood, you get the tried and tested 1.6 1ZR gasoline engine that made its appearance in the 10th generation of the sedan. The variant is also only available with a manual transmission. Even if it is the entry-level variant it still comes with some essential features found across the range. On top of the dashboard, you can find the same infotainment system as the variants on the list. Having the same infotainment system means that the same features in higher variants are available save for the steering wheel controls. It also only comes with a segmented multi-informational display instead of the more modern 4.2 and 7-inch displays found in the higher variants.

Toyota Altis G press photo

Serving as the middle variant, the Corolla Altis G gives you a good balance of features and affordability. It can be had for as little as P1,045,000 all the way to 1,115,000. With that price range, you still get the 1.6-liter engine from the entry-level variant and the same features as well but with the addition of a CVT.

Setting it apart from the E variant is a 4.2-inch multi-information display for the gauge cluster. Power folding mirrors and steering wheel controls. It also gets the benefit of automatic climate control and a leather seat material option for the CVT sub-variant. To help you drive frugally it also comes with an eco indicator to help you maximize your fuel. All these features together help add more convenience to the vehicle and give it a premium touch. 

Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6 V

Serving as the top-of-the-line variant for the 1.6-liter powered Corolla Altis models the V variant gives the driver to most of the features available for the model lineup. It gets access to bi-LED beam headlights thanks to new housings. It comes with bigger and wider wheels with a machined finish. The variant ditches the lever type handbrake and opts for an electronic one instead. 

On the interior, the V variant gets steering wheel controls and black leather upholstery. The added benefit of steering wheel controls also gives the variant access to cruise control. It also comes with a bigger 7-inch multi-information system. Topping off the list for convenience the V variant also gets power seats. The range-topping gasoline variant can be had for P1,185,000 at its cheapest, all the way to P1,200,000 at its most expensive.

Toyota altis hybrid test photo

As the top-of-the-line variant of the Corolla Altis, the V Hybrid variant gets all the bells and whistles. Setting it apart from the rest of the variants is a 1.8-liter hybrid engine paired with an intelligent CVT. This lets the compact sedan run on all-electric mode letting you save more gas in the process.

It also gets Toyota Safety Sense 2, which gives the hybrid vehicle pre-collision system, automatic high beam, lane tracing assist, lane departure alert, and dynamic radar cruise control. Having these features not only make the vehicle easier to drive but safer as well. The hybrid variant can be had for P1,580,000.

Toyota Altis hybrid rear

With four variants available in the local market it boils down to engine preference and features. The E trim level being the cheapest of the bunch delivers in giving the user a compact sedan that is reliable and simple, but it lacks the features that would otherwise set it apart from the rest of the lineup. While it is the entry variant it still is the basis for something great coming in at P999,000.

For just an extra P46,000 you can opt for the Corolla Altis G variant. While it is just a step above the E trim level it does come with the added bonus of having a leather interior and an automatic transmission. The CVT variant costs a little more from the entry-variant coming in at P116,000 more.

The honor of the most value-packed gasoline variant goes to the V spec. For an additional P70,000 over the G variant, a lot more features can be had. The range-topping gasoline variant gives the user access to better lighting, via bi-beam LED headlights, and bigger wheels as well as tires. It’s an ideal choice for those who want a feature-laden vehicle without having to dive into a hybrid drive train.

While the V variant takes the cake for gasoline-powered value for money, we can’t overlook the Hybrid model. It costs P380,000 more than the standard V variant but the hybrid system justifies the price. It offers the user a better fuel economy and an all-electric driving mode. While it will take some time to get used to how quiet the hybrid system is, the vehicle will deliver on its intended purpose. Adding more value to the vehicle’s already attractive proposition is the Toyota Safety Sense system. These features make it stand out from the rest of the lineup ensuring that it's not only safe but fuel-efficient as well. 

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