Chevrolet Tracker runabout

When talking about runabout vehicles, these often pertain to small cars that one can use on short trips such as city driving. Mix that in with the crossover segment that has been booming lately and you have a recipe for success. You get a versatile machine that is both fuel-efficient and can get the shopping done plus a car that can easily be parked.

Enter the Chevrolet Tracker, its Chevrolet Philippines'  entry into the subcompact crossover segment. It is both easy to drive and can be a fun runabout city vehicle thanks to its great feature set. It checks the right boxes for a city car and more, so we are here to tell you what makes it so special.

Chevrolet Tracker interior

If you want a runabout vehicle, you will want something that you can sit in and feel comfortable in no matter how long (due to traffic) or how short the drive is. The Chevrolet Tracker delivers well in this regard thanks to its minimalist yet premium interior design. You don’t see too many curves or creases or even fancy accents inside the cabin. All you will find is a bit of red stitching here and there with a few silver accents found on the air vents. 

Comfort is also great in the vehicle thanks to its good NVH at lower speeds and its comfortable leather seats that come with a good amount of bolstering. The seating material is soft enough to be supportive but hard enough as to not let you sink completely into it. 

Chevrolet Tracker exterior front quarter

Chevrolet has updated its style over the past few years giving its newer lineup of vehicles a more aggressive yet modern styling with similar design cues to its hero car the Chevrolet Camaro. These elements can also be seen in the Chevrolet Tracker with its wide front and sleek headlights. It also comes with blacked-out badges for the LT Redline mode with a few red accents here and there. If you want a crossover that will help you stand out in a crowd then the Tracker is here to answer that call.

Chevrolet Tracker engine

As a great city vehicle, you will need something that is both quick to accelerate and something that is fuel efficient. The Chevrolet Tracker has this covered with its 1.0-liter turbocharged motor. Don’t let its low displacement fool you as this 3-cylinder motor produces 116 hp and 175 Nm of torque that's more than enough to rocket the crossover forward. It may not be the fastest option around but it is certainly quick off the line thanks to its turbocharger and the gearing of its 6-speed automatic transmission. Chevrolet Philippines also claims that the Tracker can do up to 25.05km/L in terms of fuel economy which is great for those looking for a fuel-efficient car. 

Chevrolet Tracker infotainment system

It may not come with all the latest technology available on the market, but it does come with enough of it to satisfy your needs. An example of this would be its 8-inch infotainment system that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. With this feature and more you can stay connected with your friends and family without having to take your eyes off the road. It also lets you use your favorite navigation applications such as Waze or Google maps so you can make driving around the city much easier. 

Chevrolet Tracker cargo space

A city runabout vehicle needs to be versatile in terms of its cargo space and capacity. If you are going to use this as your grocery getting then there should be enough for a week’s supply or even more. The Tracker has got you covered as it has 1,334 liters of space at the ready to load almost whatever you will need, provided it fits through the opening of the rear hatch.  

With all that said, the Chevrolet Tracker ticks the right boxes for a great city runabout vehicle. Its got the power to rocket you forward from stoplight to stoplight despite its small displacement engine. It's got the fuel efficiency to help you maximize the gasoline you give it. It's got the tech to help you stay connected, the interior to keep you comfortable, and it has the space for your groceries and more. 

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