Why is it important to detail your car's windows?

Aside from general appearance, having your car’s windows detailed holds other benefits especially in challenging conditions. Every year, the Philippines experiences seasonal monsoons which makes driving on the road quite dangerous. Aside from wading through floods and running the risk of hydroplaning, some accidents can be attributed to poor visibility.  

Giving your car’s windows the proper care will reduce the chances of getting into an accident. With that said, here are some reasons on why it’s important to detail your windows.

Why is it important to detail your car's windows?

As drivers, we can agree that good visibility does play a major role on the road especially during typhoons. Nature is pretty unpredictable, that’s why we should always be prepared for what’s to come. Having clean windows will help you drive safely all thanks to a better view of your surroundings. 

If your windows are dirty, then it would be very difficult for you to see the road clearly. Apart from that, muddy smears and excess grease from your cleaning products can create blind spots on the glass which prevents you from seeing other cars.

Why is it important to detail your car's windows?

Aside from obstructing your view, dirt can also cause damage to your windows as it contains sand, dust, and even salt particles that stick to the windshield and windows of your vehicle. If you will just leave dust and debris sitting there, the dirt can potentially scratch the glass and mar your vision. Once that happens, it will then be difficult to remove them. Glass also diminishes in strength once scratched. A sufficiently scratched windshield will be susceptible to cracks due to stones hurled on the highway among other things. 

Why is it important to detail your car's windows?

Probably one of the most satisfying factors that lead many to window detailing is the brand-new look. As many would say: “cleanliness is next to godliness,” with that, maintaining the clean look of your car does leave a good impression for onlookers and your passengers. Proper cleaning and detailing should not only be done to your windows, rather it should also cover the entire car, from its exterior, interior, and even on its engine bay. 

Remember, a clean car with clean windows and windshield will better represent you as an orderly and respectable individual—but even that's subjective. What's the point of being charming, professional, and smart when you step out of a dirty car with uncleaned windows?

How often should you detail your car’s windows?

Your car’s windows should be detailed at least once a month, just make sure to clean it on a regular basis in order to avoid the building up of dirt and dust, plus, it also helps maintain the vehicle’s appearance. 

This can actually be done at home, you can even purchase your own cleaning solutions and other necessary materials from your preferred auto parts store. On the other hand, If you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to keep your vehicle clean, then you should consider taking it to your trusted car wash center.

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