Modern Jeepneys by Isuzu

Several modernized jeepneys were turned over to Metro Comet Transport Cooperative. The first few Class 3 public utility vehicles (PUVs) were given last May 18, 2019 in front of the Municipal Hall of Rodriguez, Rizal. 

IPC Turnover Rodriguez

Isuzu turned over 15 brand-new QKR77 light-duty trucks configured as Class 3 PUVs. The Almazora body were turned over in a formal ceremony. These units are expected to be deployed immediately along the Rodriguez, Rizal and Cubao, Quezon City loops. 

Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) executives led by their vice president, Shojiro Sakoda, were present in the turnover. The company’s vehicles are set to replace the current fleet of UV Express going through the Rodriguez and Cubao routes. 

These new PUVs are more spacious and convenient to ride in. A total of 23 seated passengers may be accommodated into its interior. Not only will the passenger area be spacious, at 400mm of width allowance and 650mm of legroom, it’s also very accommodating to passengers that are standing. At 1.75 meters, there is more than enough head room and seat space to ensure a comfortable and safe ride through Metro Manila. 

The vehicles are also generously kitted out with the latest and greatest technology thanks to the PUB Modernization Program (PUVMP) vehicle guidelines. There is an automatic fare collection system that lets the driver focus his attention on the road. Passengers just need to tap their cards in the collection system upon entry and exit. GPS tracking charges the passenger’s fare correctly, so the distance travelled with be the basis. Cameras are also installed in the vehicle to monitor the ingress and egress of the passengers. A dash cam is also installed to monitor potential mishaps on the road. There is also Wi-Fi that can keep passengers entertained while they commute. To top it all off, air conditioning by Coolaire comes standard with these new vehicles. 

IPC Turnover Event

It appears as if the modernization program is in full swing this time around. After a few months of playing the guessing game of when the program will kick off, the turnover marks a special occasion and important milestone for IPC, Metro Comet Transport, and more importantly, the FIlipino commuter. We hope to hear more of this in the coming months as other companies such as Foton, and Hino, among others. 

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