Private teams, dealerships, and celebrities make up the starting grid.

Last April 27-28, Clark International Speedway was brimming with anticipation as the 5th season of the Vios Cup was about to get underway. 53 drivers spread over three categories, promotional, sporting, and super sporting, would duke it out to earn some points and hopefully join the ranks of names such as Luis Gono and Daniel Miranda.

The race weekend was comprised of three races for each category, with a qualifying round before each race. This will be the first of two visits to Clark International Speedway this year, as the season opener and ender will be held at this famous racetrack.

While competition was fierce and the heat was getting to some drivers, new names made it to podiums, much to the surprise of many. Here are the results of the 1st leg of the 2018 Vios Cup at the Clark International Speedway.

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