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Stelvio – it’s both a mountain pass in Italy and a crossover from Italy. Alfa Romeo is a company that prides itself on the passion and sportiness of its cars. With the help of Petromax Enterprise, you can own your own Alfa Romeo here in the Philippines. The Stelvio pass is known for its tight turns and twisty roads, and the aptly named Stelvio fits the bill, especially in Alfa’s Quadrifoglio trim. With the top end variant, Alfa took it to the Nürburgring, and clocked a lap time of 7 minutes and 51.7 seconds, making this Alfa Romeo the fastest production crossover at the time of testing. The Stelvio also marks the brand’s first crossover SUV in more than a century of history. 

It helps that Alfa Romeo has packed this vehicle with performance. A near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, that is found in all models. keeps this crossover nimble in the corners. It’s no slouch on the straights as well. You won’t lack power since the model comes with a 2.2L 190hp capable Diesel engine. Or maybe you will be left wanting? That being said, the Quadrifoglio variant can satiate your every desire for power with a 2.9L twin turbo V6 mill that produces 510 hp and a lot of fun. 

The power is fed to all four wheels, furthering the stability of this midsize vehicle. Balanced weight distribution and an all-wheel-drive system are major factors that help this car produce the lap times on the Nürburgring. Everything is dialed in, from the direct steering ratio to the state-of-the-art suspension that comes with the car. Lightness also lets this car take off, with lightweight parts made of carefully selected materials, the Alfa features an assembly of Carbon Fiber and Aluminum to keep the weight down and rigidity up. 

The styling isn’t too bad either, Alfa Romeo with their Giulia improved their appearances and kept the sportiness and passion that Alfas are known for. While the car retains a lot of the traditional Alfa styling, comfort and amenities for the driver and his/her passengers aren’t skimped on. The mid size crossover features interior space that is sizeable enough and comfortable. The high driving position does not detract from the sportiness of its handling however, so it really could be the best of both worlds. The audio system is also a modern touch to the interior, capable of being specced out with 8, 10, or even 14 speakers from Harman Kardon. 

To get the entry-level variant, you have to ask for the price. To get the top of the line Quadrifoglio, you should still ask for the price, then wait for your order to arrive, as the Stelvio’s 510hp variant is only available as an indent order. 

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