2020 Honda Jazz Global

After a flurry of leaked images, Honda finally unveils the all-new 2020 Honda Jazz (otherwise known as Fit) into the global market. The new Jazz now has a softer design language compared to the previous model., with angular styling replaced with softer cleaner lines.

Honda says that the development team aimed for a more “emotional value” centered design language for the 4th generation Jazz. It now comes with five “types” that Honda says will allow customers to select a model that is right for them depending on their lifestyle.

The 2020 Honda Jazz will also be the first Honda vehicle that will have a two-motor hybrid system. The hybrid system will be introduced under Honda’s e:HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) monicker. The e:HEV is what the Japanese company is calling its new two-motor hybrid system.

The all-new Jazz is available in five variants; each one is designed by Honda to meet certain criteria in relation to lifestyle and features.

The entry-level variant is dubbed Basic. As the name states it will be the trim level with the least features and will be geared toward a more simple lifestyle-oriented theme. 

Next up is the Home variant. For this variant tier, Honda puts focus on space and high-quality materials as well as colors and materials.

One tier up is Ness. This variant focuses more on utility as it features water-repellent materials and soft padding for the seats. It also features natural-looking fabric seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel featuring Honda’s Prime Smooth padding.

2020 honda jazz fit crosstar exterior tokyo motor show

Crosstar is a more ruggedly-themed Jazz variant. It features 16-inch aluminum wheels with styling that is both suited for the city and the outdoors. Similar to that of the Ness, it also features water-repellent materials on the inside of the vehicle.

Finally, the top tier variant is Luxe. it features leather seats unlike the other variants and has better material qualities used. It comes with chrome plating and 16-inch aluminum wheels to give the variant a more upscale look.

honda fit Luxe interior

The all-new hatchback will be the first in Honda’s lineup to be featuring a new generation body stabilizing seat. The design was initially meant for high-class sedan models according to the Japanese automaker. The seat itself has a planar support structure that stabilizes the body and reduces fatigue from long drives. The rear seats of the vehicle will still be the same as the previous generation but with the added bonus thicker padding.

honda jazz interior dashboard

The all-new Jazz now comes with Honda Sensing technology, similar to what the local-spec Honda Accord has. It now has a wide front view camera paired with eight sonar sensors mounted in the front and back of the vehicle. This gives the vehicle better pre-collision detecting capabilities, as well as convenience. The all-new hatchback will also feature existing features found in the Honda Sensing kit. The Honda Sensing will be standard on all variants of the Jazz.

The Japanese hatchback will also feature Honda’s own Connect system. It is the Japanese company’s onboard communication module exclusively developed for its vehicles. The system will have three key features to come with it. The first is a phone app that will let the user control certain functions of the hatchback via a smartphone. Next is access to emergency support services which will connect the vehicle directly to a support center. The last feature is the “rush over” service, which dispatches a security guard to where the vehicle is when the situation becomes dangerous.

The fourth-generation Jazz will be sold in Japan in February 2020. It’s still unknown if Honda Cars Philippines Inc. will bring in the 2020 Jazz with the global specifications mentioned. We will update you when we get more details about the all-new hatchback.

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