Hyundai New Platform

Hyundai Motors’ 2020 Sonata is going to be built on a new platform. The next-generation platform will improve on the overall design, safety, efficiency, power, and driving performance. With the improvements made, future models will also offer the same advantages that the new architecture will bring. 

The new Sonata will trim down on its weight. With this, fuel efficiency will improve as there is less mass to carry around. Even if the platform is lighter, it does not compromise on strength. Collision safety with a multi-load path structure ‘Hot Stamping’ super high tensile steel plate, which will allow for greater protection against forces that might reach the cabin. In the event of a collision, the tires will also toe out, or move outward, in order to keep the car from spinning and causing secondary collisions. The cabin is also protected by ‘hot stamped’ steel in order to surround the occupants with a hard to penetrate barrier in the event of a hard impact. While Hyundai boasts a more durable platform, it keeps the previous generation’s stable design and low center of gravity. These elements work in tandem to bring confident sportiness to the Sonata platform. 

Driving performance will be also improved with the possible introduction of the next-generation Smartstream Powertrain. 


The new platform will offer improved power and driving dynamics. Aerodynamics will also be improved. A system that controls the flow of air will improve heat dissipation and stability in the lower part of the vehicle. In conjunction with the weight, the reduced air resistance will also play a part in improving efficiency and performance. 

Lowering the position of the heavier elements in the car lowers the center of gravity, which, in turn, will enable agile handling. The lateral stiffness combined with the lower center of gravity makes for easier cornering with less body roll. Positioning the steering wheel closer to the center also gives better stability to the platform. Tire-optimization technology also contributes to the stable and balanced driving performance that the new platform can offer. 

Noise reduction is also improved in the new chassis. Engine noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) are reduced through the addition of reinforced sound-absorbing systems in areas where high vibrations may reverberate through the cabin. 

Through implementation of the third-generation platform, the new generation Sonata is expected to provide world-class value in overall vehicle performance, Starting with the new Sonata model, Hyundai will gradually expand the use of new platform in order to provide joy of driving and comfort to the customers.

With new teaser images of the Sonata floating around the internet with its younger styling, updated interior, and of course, a new platform, it will be interesting to test out the improvements that the Korean company has made to one of its most sedate cars; by injecting it with a bit of athleticism. 

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