Sonata Front

The Hyundai Sonata is taking a different approach; with the previous design focusing on simple and elegant lines, this generation has some semblance of youth injected into it. 


The classy and reserved exterior of the previous model has been redesigned to look more dynamic. The lines of the old Sonata have been traded in for curves, ripples, and waves of new sheet metal. The lights emit intensity as you stare it down. With its integrated DRLs and LED Projector headlamps there is a certain angst that the 2020 Sonata projects onto those who look at it. In short, it’s angrier. 


Moving over to the rear and one can find Hyundai spending more time with LED bars. As with the DRLs, the bar of red light forms an unbroken line from each side of the car. The design of the lamps at the rear remind us a lot of the tenth generation Civic Coupe’s, albeit turned upside down and shrunk down by a little bit.


The rear bumper is now three-dimensional. Paired with the new tail light setup, the rear of the Sonata is more interesting to look at. Taking a look at its rear roofline reveals a fast back design; a trend with most modern sedans. Pushing the cabin back takes a toll on headroom, and upon closer inspection of the photos, the roof rounds out, giving more clearance to its rear passengers. The roofline also makes the Sonata’s trunk look diminutive as a result. The trunk then swoops up and becomes an integrated rear spoiler for the car; a small touch of style and youth for the once no frills sedan. 

The Sonata pits itself against the likes of the legendary Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. These two models have long been the staple choices for car buyers in the mid-size sedan segment. Toyota’s newest entry into the segment boasts a dynamic new redesign that borrows some styling cues from its premium brand, Lexus. The result of the redesign had car reviewers taking photos left and right of the once sedate sedan. The same can be said for the new Sonata. 

Sonata Interior

Moving to the interior,  the Sonata gets dramatically more futuristic. The shift lever is now obsolete, apparently. Just like the Honda NSX or the CR-V, the unit now sports an array of buttons that control the transmission. The steering wheel gets a rather unique looking four-spoke design with audio controls, and the instrument cluster is an all digital affair. The center of the dash receives an embedded infotainment system that is in line with the gauge cluster. The entire dash is bisected by a continuous trim piece; a shout out to the tail light setup we assume. 

Manufacturers are now injecting a sense of youth into their cars. What was once reserved and subdued, can now be seen sporting the car equivalent of a toupe or a floral shirt on an older gentleman. Jokes aside, the Sonata enters the modern era of car design with a redesign that is fresh and athletic, much like Hyundai’s current lineup. 

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