Avanza Veloz

The Toyota Avanza is getting a small refresh to its overall design with Toyota Motors Philippines recently announcing that the updated small MPV will be coming later this year. With a starting price of just P731,000, the small MPV is poised to be a value-for-money option that offers a lot of space for drivers and their families. 


The new redesign looks slightly like an Alphard, that is if you squint hard enough. The front headlights are semi-separated, giving the face more depth. Plus, like most Toyotas today, an enlarged grille dominates the front face of this small MPV, making it look more aggressively styled. A pair of fog lamps are added as the trim levels go higher. 


The rear clip gets a slight update, with two tone tail lights that are split into two pieces just like the new Wigo, and a chrome garnish that joins the two lamps together. A pair of rear reflectors also adorn the rear bumper at the bottom. 

It shares the same platform as the Toyota Rush. Though the space inside the Avanza is slightly smaller, it does offer the same drivetrain, and transmission options that the Rush offers, except the Avanza can also come with a smaller displacement 1.3L engine that produces 95hp. The bigger 1.5L delivers 105hp, and both are rear wheel drive. Torque figures for the 1.3L and 1.5L engines are 121Nm and 136Nm respectively. 

While it is not a “baby SUV” like the Rush, the Avanza still boasts 200mm of ground clearance, making it a viable option when avoiding potholes on the road. It offers almost the same dimensions as the Rush however, in a smaller and slightly lower package. The Avanza is also a 7-seater since it is a shared platform with the Rush. However if cargo space is a necessity, the base trim comes in a 5-seater configuration, while any variant after that offers 7 seats worth of flexibility. The Avanza is equipped with safety features such as ISOFIX tethers, driver and front passenger airbags, anti-lock Brake System, parking sensors and an optional back-up camera. 


Starting at just P731,000, you get a lot a car for the low price. Step up a few notches and get the 1.5L, and you get closer to Toyota Rush pricing. However, with the Rush, you may get the same engine, but a manual transmission with only 5 seats. For P1,065,000, the Avanza Veloz gives a good value for money, even if you go for the Rush’s automatic 5-seater variant. However, move to the G variant of the Rush and you can pay just a little more for some extra style, safety and ground clearance that the rush offers. Here is the full model lineup of the Avanza with the respective prices. 

  • Avanza Veloz AT            1,065,000
  • Avanza 1.5G AT             1,000,000
  • Avanza 1.5G MT               957,000
  • Avanza 1.3E AT                907,000
  • Avanza 1.3E MT                864,000
  • Avanza 1.3J MT (5 seater) 731,000

More updates and details will be published as Toyota continues to give us details on the new Avanza. 

Disclaimer: In-line photos used are of the global spec Avanza. New photos will be posted of the PH spec soon when they arrive. 

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