Nissan Ariya EV 2021

Nissan has just unveiled its newest electric crossover to the world. Makoto Uchida went live on stage today to present to the world Nissan’s newest creation, the Ariya. The crossover marks a new chapter for the Japanese brand in bringing the customer the right product at the right time. 

Apart from the Ariya’s reveal, Nissan also officially announced its new logo with a more minimal design that is in keeping with the futuristic look of its new crossover. It still retains elements from the old logo. The first car to feature this new logo will be the Ariya, which is in keeping with its futuristic front fascia and the technologies embedded within it. 

Nissan showcased the Ariya Concept earlier this year, however, the production model of the crossover is strikingly similar to what they unveiled last year in the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Looking at the front face you can see the evolved V-Motion grille that is completely smooth and svelte. The wheels also adopt a futuristic look that that is in keeping with the futuristic theme of the Ariya. The showcase unit is also painted in a gorgeous bronze color for its body and a glossy black roof. The crossover also features gloss black on the wheel wells and on the garnish on the grille. 

The side profile features a fastback design with a low-slung roof. The wheels are also large enough to fill in the wells. Coming in at 19-inches, the aluminum alloy wheels featured a two-tone finish and spokes that are quite substantial, mimicking turbines more than actual spokes. Nissan also mentions that there will be a 20-inch wheel option available. 

A normal crossover would feature a longer hood, but because the electric motors are located on all four corners for the 4WD model, the designers were able to shorten the snout allowing for a very aerodynamic profile. The rear is also streamlined, and a light bar that stretches across the entire width of the vehicle only further adds to the charm of the Ariya. 

Just like the exterior, the interior is just as futuristic and as appealing as the exterior. Because this is an EV, and the batteries are situated in the floor, Nissan was able to design a floor that is completely flat and allows for even more room since there will be no exhaust tunnels taking up precious space in the interior. 

Nissan is also introducing Intelligent Integration into the Ariya. Amazon Alexa can also tell you, in the comfort of your home, how much battery life the Ariya has, and what is the range. You can also connect the Ariya to the suite of smart devices that is installed in your home. The Nissan Intelligent key is also part of the package, allows for seamless ingress and egress. Nissan also gave the Ariya the ProPilot feature which is a suite of driver-assist features which include Remote Park and Nissan’s e-Pedal. Nissan’s Safety Shield system also makes it way to the Ariya which includes the brand’s Intelligent Around-View Monitor, Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Intelligent Emergency Braking, and Rear Automatic Emergency Braking technology.

2021 Nissan Ariya EV e-4ORCE Badge

As an EV, the Ariya features electric motors on all four wheels, and the e-powertrain has the same 0-100 km/h rate as the Nissan 370Z sports car. Nissan also allows the vehicle to accelerate and decelerate using only one pedal. The e-pedal will also allow the vehicle to charge while engaged. 

There will be two types of batteries and two types of drivetrains. The Ariya will be offered in either a 2WD configuration or an e-4ORCE 4WD configuration. As for power, the Ariya will either come with a power output of 214 hp and 300 Nm of torque for the 63 kWh battery or 335 hp and 560 Nm of torque from the 87 kWh unit. The Ariya is also engineered with cooling efficiency in mind for the batteries. The crossover features a water-cooled battery temperature control system, which allows the battery unit to remain efficient. The Ariya also features a fast-charging system that allows you to recover 375 kilometers with just 30 minutes of charging with the Nissan high power charger. The 2WD models will feature a range of either 450 km for the 67 kWh configuration or up to 610 km for the 87 kWh configuration. The 4WD models will get up to 430 km on the smaller unit, and up to 580 on the larger battery. 

The Nissan Ariya is going to be a global model, so the entire world can expect this model as a part of the new lineup of Nissan. Japan, Europe, the US, and China going to be the first recipients of the new product, with a launch in Japan happening in a few months form the debut. Pricing for the Nissan Ariya is projected to be $40,000 for the United States and 5,000,000 JPY in Japan. Roughly converting to Philippine Peso, the Ariya will cost around P2,000,0000, and our guess is that it will cost this amount that price for the top of the line model, as the only showcase vehicle in the launch was the top of the line variant. 

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