Ford Maverick

The Ford Maverick is the newest and smallest pickup truck in the modern lineup of Ford. Ford’s little pickup garnered much attention from the media as it’s made available with a gasoline engine only or a hybrid system. It’s no wonder the little truck is got 36,000 reservations during its opening week following the North American launch. 

Its chassis is also built like a car’s, so that means that it comes with a unibody and not a body-on-frame architecture like the Ford Ranger available in the Philippine market. This means that it will handle a lot better and will be similar in terms of comfort to that of a crossover. The bed, however, makes sure that it can be utilized as a pickup truck whether for small items or for larger and bulkier loads. 

Ford announced this bit of good news in its Q2 press release, lauding the Maverick and the recently-launched F-150 Lightning for their stellar performance in the market. 

While there is a lot of interest for the Maverick, not all of those 36,000 reservations will definitely translate into sales. However, if history is any indication, the Bronco, which launched last year, racked up 190,000 reservations, and translated 125,000 of those into actual unit sales. 

With a starting price of just $20,000 USD or about P1,000,000, the Maverick makes a great case for any buyer looking for a pickup that isn’t too big nor is too small. The compact size of the Maverick does well to make it stand out in a sea of big rigs, and its smartly-designed bed is small yet more than enough to accommodate bigger items with the help of some clever ingenuity. 

The initial success of the Maverick could lead to more markets adopting the compact truck. That being said, it would be nice to see it make its way to the rest of the world, particularly in South East Asia, as a more affordable and less serious alternative to the Ford Ranger. 

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