Toyota RAV4 Prime Plug-In Hybrid

The Toyota RAV4 might not be the most interesting compact crossover in the world, but it’s about even more interesting with the new RAV4 Prime, a plug-in hybrid from Toyota.

Toyota RAV4 Plug In Hybrid Exterior Rear Quarter

What would otherwise be your normal grocery-getter now comes with a whopping 302 hp, enough to propel it to 100 km/h faster than the brand’s entry-level sports car, the 86. The RAV4 boasts an estimated 0-100 km/h time of 5.8 seconds, making it one blisteringly quick crossover. It eclipses its normal hybrid counterpart which is a full 2 seconds slower to 100 km/h. The enhanced hybrid system adds nearly a hundred horsepower to the vehicle since the gasoline variant only makes 203 hp. 

Toyota dealerships in the United States are expecting to have this model by the summer of 2020, and it will be the performance offering or this nameplate. The model will also include a sport-tuned suspension that can also be found on the hybrid XSE trim level. Fuel economy is also estimated to be around 38 km/L driving stateside. This just about doubles what the pure gasoline variant is getting on the highways of the U.S. 

The RAV4 features an exterior design that is enhanced thanks to a lip kit and several gloss black trim pieces that add to the appeal that the crossover currently has. The interior, much like the hybrids, comes with several ambient lights that are colored blue to emphasize that it is a hybrid. 

Toyota RAV4 Prime Plug In Hybrid Wheels

There is no word on availability here in the Philippines. The Prime variant is definitely a model aimed towards markets that are matured and accepting of tech-filled powertrains. Price is also a factor here since the cost to bring and sell a unit in the country may be a bit too steep, and consumers will have to pay a large sum to enjoy performance and fuel economy – two metrics that would logically be in stark contrast to one another. 

If the Toyota Corolla Altis Hybrid is any indication of where Toyota Motor Philippines wants to go, then we might see a Hybrid version of the RAV4 to go with the compact sedan. What better way to breathe even more excitement into the compact crossover’s lineup? 

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