Honda BR-V

The second-generation Honda BR-V has achieved remarkable success as it emerges as the best-selling vehicle in Honda Cars Philippines' lineup just seven months after its launch. Despite encountering supply constraints during its initial months, this seven-seater sub-compact SUV has managed to sell over 5,000 units to date, averaging an impressive 714 units per month.

According to Honda, the BR-V has resonated exceptionally well with customers due to its robust SUV styling, offering a strong and commanding presence on the road. The interior of the vehicle has been designed to prioritize comfort and versatility, providing ample space for passengers and their belongings. Furthermore, the BR-V is equipped with a powerful yet fuel-efficient engine, combining performance with efficiency to deliver a satisfying driving experience. Safety features are another key aspect that has appealed to customers, as the BR-V boasts advanced safety technologies to ensure peace of mind on the road. All these attributes are complemented by Honda's well-established reputation for quality and reliability, adding further appeal to the BR-V's overall package.

In terms of ownership experience, the BR-V goes above and beyond with its convenient periodic maintenance service (PMS), which is required only twice a year. This reduces the hassle and cost associated with regular maintenance, making the ownership experience more seamless and economical.

The pricing of the all-new BR-V ranges from P 1,090,000 to P 1,390,000, making it an attractive option for prospective buyers. Moreover, Honda Cars Philippines has introduced the Next Gen Deals promo, offering P 20,000 in savings across all variants and providing low all-in down payment options until July 30. These incentives aim to make the BR-V even more accessible and affordable for customers.

To further enhance the customer experience, Honda Cars Philippines has launched the Drive to Win test drive campaign, running until July 24, 2023. Prospective buyers can visit their nearest Honda Cars dealership, test drive the all-new BR-V, and stand a chance to win a 10th Gen Apple iPad or a P 2,000 e-gift certificate. Additionally, those who proceed with an actual purchase are entitled to an additional savings of P 10,000, adding more value to their investment.

Overall, the second-generation Honda BR-V has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the market, gaining popularity and sales success within a short period. With its appealing design, comfortable interior, efficient engine, advanced safety features, and attractive pricing backed by promotional offers, the BR-V offers a compelling choice for customers seeking a reliable and versatile sub-compact SUV.

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