Toyota Innova hybrid

In anticipation of the launch of the upcoming 2023 Toyota Innova, the Japanese automaker has released another teaser to further build up hype for the vehicle. While the first teaser image only showcased the front of the car hinting at its more SUV-like styling, this new one shows off the new Innova’s side profile. This time around the photo also comes with the caption “The new energy is coming” hinting at the new Innova being released as a hybrid vehicle.

True enough, if you look closely at the photo you will see Toyota’s standard “Hybrid” badge on the front quarter panel of the vehicle. While the teaser image does showcase the new Toyota Innova’s set of character lines on the side with a higher roof line and more pronounced fenders, not much else can be seen.

However, the hybrid badging does confirm that Toyota will be releasing the new Innova as a hybrid vehicle. This means that it could be goodbye to the two diesel engines that the 7-seater MPV originally came with. 

While there are no official details yet as to what the new hybrid powerplant will be in the 2023 Toyota Innova, reports are indicating that it could be a 2.0-liter motor paired with a hybrid system. Moreover, the introduction of the new hybrid powerplant could also signal a platform change which means that the Innova will no longer share the same underpinnings as the Toyota Hilux and Toyota Fortuner. Instead, the new 7-seater MPV might change to a unibody chassis and shift to the brand’s new TNGA platform. It also means a possible goodbye to its rear-wheel drive layout and perhaps hello to a front-wheel drive setup.

Toyota has yet to drop a confirmed date for the launch of the new Innova, however, we suspect that it will reveal the 7-seater MPV very soon given that it already has been dropping teaser images for it. We expect the all-new Toyota Innova to launch sometime in the latter half of November. 

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