Audi to begin fitting cars with new anti-allergen A/C filtration

Audi developed a new air conditioning filter that they say would remove fine particles, harmful gases, and neutralize majority of the allergens. This will be available for their new and current compact models beginning June 2016.

The German automaker will use 2 versions of the new filter with 3 layers each. 

The first has an outer layer with a plant-derived, bioactive substance called Polyphenols to reduce allergens. Thisl attaches itself to the receptors of the allergens. Meanwhile, the second variant of the outer layer uses modified proteins to achieve the same effect.

The 2 other filter layers are made up of microfibers that remove even the tiniest of particulates from the air while the Carbon layer traps gaseous impurities.

Audi says that the new air conditioning system would be used in the A1, A3, Q3, and TT models. The upcoming Q2 will have its own after its market launch.

As for current Audi owners, they can have their cars upgraded as part of the preventive maintenance service as long as it’s in the model series mentioned above.

Audi Philippines hasn’t made an official announcement yet if they would offer the air system locally, but we sure hope they do especially with our bad air quality.

For more information about Audi and their vehicles, visit the AutoDeal Car Guide.

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