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Cars are not built to surpass every condition or circumstance encountered. In this case, burying a car underneath the ground literally for a year is quite an odd thing to consider. You’d be completely insane to have the guts and basically perform this as an investigative project.

Apparently, someone did try this insane stunt as seen in this video from Garage 54 ENG’s Youtube channel. The guys managed to bury three cars below the ground, probably to see if they can withstand such punishment. 

The following cars consisted of different kinds, or nationalities, rather – a Toyota (Japanese), an Audi (German), and a Lada (Russian). The timeline went through from September 2017 until it reaches a year of sitting below the ground. Here, watch the extraction video:

As expected, unearthing the vehicles wasn’t easy. Diggers and mechanical tractors were present, investing so much effort and time just to carefully dig out the automobiles.

Each cars’ exterior was totally drenched with so much dirt, even the interior because of the shattered windows. This was mainly due to the massive downpours of rain experienced throughout its entire stay down below, causing each vehicle to be glued down tightly and making detachment from the soil a lot harder.

All cars were indeed in terrible condition, aside from its bodies being squashed, the motors were filled with water as if they were submerged in a lake. But, did the cars start again after taking so much punishment? Well, the Lada and the Toyota did, but the Audi didn’t. Watch them try here:

Quite impressive isn't it? Provided such circumstance, still two out of three cars managed to roar its engine. Well in the Audi’s case, the conflict was brought about by its broken starter, so technically speaking it really has gone through enough. That said, all cars were indeed not built to withstand any condition or circumstance coming its way, but some just tend to stand out among the rest in terms of superior durability. This goes to show how tough Ladas and Toyotas are, even after being buried underneath the ground for a very long time. 

Source: Garage 54 ENG via Youtube

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