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AutoDeal and MotoDeal are proud to launch its very own podcast hosted by Caco Tirona and Jinno Rufino. Tune in every Wednesday at 10 am for your weekly dose of our two hosts and some guests from the Philippine automotive industry and celebrities. 

Every week, the show will tackle many different topics ranging from the trivial to the downright wacky. Get to know the ins and outs of motoring in the Philippines whether on four wheels or on two, and also get to know our hosts, their preferences, and recommendations. Find out what makes for a great ride or drive and what are the best cars or bikes that are available in the Philippines. Lend an ear as we go over some of the most debatable and perplexing topics like “Are cars better than bikes,” “How does Caco deal with his height,” “Does Jinno wax his dome,” and many many more. 

Find us on your favorite podcast sources, Spotify, Apple, or Google Podcasts. Search Torque of the Town and subscribe. 

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