Autohub is proud to announce that they are the Exclusive selling agents of the Italian Hypercar brand, PAGANI Automobili. 

We first met him back in 2015 at Shanghai China, then we visited PAGANI in Modena, Italy in November 2015 then in Hongkong - Macau 2018 for the Macau Grand Prix. He’s a really humble guy considering what he did for Pagani and to the whole automobile industry. And now he’s finally here. I’m looking forward to see Paganis in the Philippine roads very soon,

As PAGANI hits the 20th Anniversary of its first-ever hypercar, the Zonda C12, Horacio Pagani celebrates the brand’s achievement in the automotive industry by restoring the car that started it all. Back in 1999, the Zonda was unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show, and was met with much fanfare, as the hypercar used the best and most advanced technology at the time. Utilizing wizardry from Formula 1 race cars, the Zonda earned its place above supercars, helping popularize the term, ‘hypercar’, as there was nothing at the time that would come close to Horacio’s first design. 

... So everything had to come together as if it was a car carved out of a block of Carrara marble …

PAGANI’s first hypercar is now 20 years old, and it remains as one of the most iconic pieces of automotive history to date. Taking on the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, the car was a standout with its peculiar styling that was truly unique and a breath of fresh air in the world of mid-engined supercars. This year’s Geneva International Motor Show was where PAGANI showcased the chassis of its completely restored Zonda; the first ever Zonda produced. 

2017 was the year that the Zonda ended production. With PAGANI setting its eyes forward to its new platform, the Huayra.

Autohub Pagani

Moving forward, Pagani has since grown to include 177 enthusiasts and artisans that are all driven by the same passion that sculpted and created the Zonda. Each car out of the Modena factory in Italy is guaranteed to be a hand built masterpiece, signed by Horacio Pagani himself. Each car combines the science of speed with art, just like the first hypercar in the brand’s interesting history, the Zonda. 

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