Ayala Group's IMI to roll out more electric vehicle charging stations

Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI) is expediting its electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure efforts, partnering with several firms to install new EV chargers at convenient locations in the country.

After installing a new integrated charging system at Ayala Malls The 30th, IMI is again partnering with TGOOD LINCHR, GREENSTRuM, and Ayala Land, Inc. The chargers come from TGOOD LINCHR, the world's largest EV charging infrastructure provider. IMI China then builds and assembles the electronics and power supply systems, while GREENSTRuM handles local distribution, maintenance, and support.

We are proud to be part of this ecosystem on a global basis more so now that we are contributing locally. We are very happy to be involved with this major disruption happening in our country. We hope to be a catalyst for technology that drives carbon neutrality.
IMI EV charging station opening

IMI most recently installed its second integrated EV charging and transport system at Ayala Malls Circuit Makati. Apart from charging locally available EVs like the Nissan Leaf and Audi e-Tron, the newly installed charging station promises to be a boon for another of IMI's industry partners.

GET Philippines, Inc. sees itself as a global pioneer in electric mass mobility, having launched the COMET electric shuttle bus fleet as an intelligent, zero-emission transport solution. COMET vehicles operate in Manila and Davao, serving over 200,000 passengers across some of the country's most congested thoroughfares.

IMI EV charging station opening

With the help of IMI, GET hopes to open hundreds of EV charging stations across the country as it achieves its sustainability goals. The rapid expansion of EV infrastructure could also benefit the local market. 

As more charging stations become operational throughout the Philippines, local automakers will likely introduce more all-electric vehicles. In that regard, IMI could be the catalyst that sparks real and tangible growth in our burgeoning EV market. 

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