Foton Traveller

The Foton Traveller has become a proven vehicle for travel and tours, mainly serving as a transport vehicle at the Balesin Island Club. This somehow showcases the assets of the vehicle as a certified people hauler. It’s a van which possesses a DNA that highlights its power, performance, and superior comfort.

The Foton Traveller serves as Balesin Island Club’s main transport, ferrying guest and employees in and out of the island. It’s also the vehicle of choice for transferring guests to their preferred villages on island tours.

Foton Traveller side

Given the overall execution of the place which truly portrays that sense of class and comfort for its guests, the Traveller does indeed serve as a perfect match. The interior of the Traveller screams comfort thanks to the bucket seat concept wherein passengers get individual space for themselves.

Along with those comfortably appointed seats are practicality points such as wide cargo space for your precious luggage, and a bubble top that allows more headroom clearance for the passengers. Passengers are also treated with features like USB port, Aux-in, 4 speakers, MP3 and CD for that enjoyable music-tripping while roaming around the island club

The Traveller is powered by a 2.8L 16-valve Cummins ISF turbo diesel engine, which delivers a healthy 130 horsepower and 280 Nm of torque. Plus, guests are given the sense of certainty all thanks to the abundant amount of safety equipment such as dual airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake distribution, parking sensors, and a tailgate mirror.

Truly the Foton Traveller does play a significant role in building the reputation of the establishment as to delivering a reliable and yet a memorable transport experience for its esteemed guests.

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