Beijing Motor Show will push through this September 26

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Beijing Motor Show (Auto China) will still push through this year, specifically on September 26. However, there might be some limitations among its participants, and by participants we are actually referring to the automakers who will appear during the said event, as this concern was strongly brought up by the strict quarantine protocols imposed by China.

This prestigious auto show was actually set for April and was unfortunately delayed. Notably, the pandemic has remained largely contained inside China since mid-March, and as of September 2, no domestic infection had been reported for 18 consecutive days already. Despite that, the Beijing Motor Show might still face challenges as organizers commence this event during such drastic times. 

Apart from having apparent concerns with its attendees, most international automakers have chosen not to send executives to the show, which is mainly due to the pandemic and travel restrictions imposed by the country. 

While automotive brands like Toyota Motor Corp., Honda Motor Co., Nissan Motor Co., Ford Motor Co., and PSA Group have no plans of attending, the show is still quite blessed to have two of China’s largest players to participate, namely the Volkswagen Group and General Motors.

Ironically, even though China happens to be one of its largest markets, Germany’s luxury brands, namely Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz, will not be able to make it to the event. On the other hand, global automakers including Hyundai Motor Co. and Mazda Motor Corp., are still finalizing its plans. The following brands were hindered to participate given the strict quarantine protocol of requiring people coming from overseas countries to have a two-week quarantine. 

On the other hand, Polestar, the electrified vehicle brand that’s jointly owned by Volvo Cars and its parent company, Geely, will send a proper representative for the Auto Show, namely its CEO Thomas Ingenlath. Volvo, however, will not be sending anyone for the upcoming event.

Apart from the aforementioned quarantine protocol of the country, difficulties in obtaining visa approval to enter China arises. International flights have become limited as well. These circumstances were actually caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Apart from those travel constraints, models to be showcased during the event might also be fewer this time in comparison with previous auto shows in Beijing and Shanghai. Given the motive to cut costs around the industry and the increased difficulty of shipping vehicles into the country, which is again strongly brought up by this pandemic. Let's hope that success may greet its organizers despite these limitations.

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