Los Angeles Auto Show rescheduled on May 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic, many events have been cancelled given the high regard of their organizers towards safety. This also includes major events such as auto shows as well that were scheduled to happen in 2020. Apart from other local automotive events like the Manila International Auto Show and Philippine International Motor show, the annually anticipated Los Angeles Auto Show has also been cancelled this November, and was then moved from May 21 to 31, 2021.

Given its postponement, the organizers of this annual automotive event have already started planning for its 2021 event date. The organizers are already looking into putting numerous safety precautions into place for both participants and showgoers. The following protocols should go in accordance with social distancing, aside from managing the proper flow of people inside the venue, they should also come up with a strategic setup of its booths.

The supposed date of this event was set to take place from November 20 to 29, 2020. However, before we see the cancellation as some sort of a bad thing, the rescheduled date actually falls on one of the country’s biggest holidays, known as the Memorial Day. Lisa Kaz, CEO of the LA Auto Show further heightened the positivity by further elaborating on the possibilities of a spring show, as Memorial Day Weekend is said to be a fantastic time for enhanced outdoor activations and product debuts.

Upon recalling, it was three months ago when the Bangkok International Motorshow commenced, and success was indeed tasted by the organizers given that it was able to attract a hefty 1 million visitors in two weeks, as well as garner a total of 18,316 car reservations. Truly Thailand has made quite a statement with that event, all thanks to the proper management of its organizers. With that in mind, let’s hope that the rescheduled dates of the LA International Auto Show will also entail great success in terms of the overall experience and safety of its attendees.

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