Caltex Fuel Your School

Since its 2015 launch, Caltex Fuel Your School (CFYS) program has helped thousands of teachers and students across select public high schools in the Philippines. The initiative earned recognition by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP), who awarded Caltex with the Gold Anvil Award.

In Bicol alone, a total of 1,567 teachers and 42,955 students from various public high schools were helped by the CFYS campaign. Caltex aims to increase these in the next couple of years to 3,000 teachers and 1.17 million students. Over P3 million were raised by Caltex from its fuel-to-donate scheme in the past three years. The money was used to buy modern teaching tools like TVs, laptops, tablets, calculators, among others.

“This award validates the efforts of our beloved teachers and student for better education. Caltex will continue to partner with students, teachers and communities in other regions of the country to help bring 21 st century teaching to our public high schools.”

Aside from helping students and teachers acquire modern gadgets to be used in their learning, CFYS also introduces them to the appropriate use of technology. The program encourages students to promote societal awareness through their familiarity with social media. 

CFYS is backed up by Chevron Philippines Inc. through Caltex's Energy for Learning (EFL) – a program that supports disadvantaged people by providing them livelihood and learning skills. Among the initiatives of EFL are literacy campaign, school renovations, libraries, computer donations, and livelihood trainings.

Image courtesy of AmCham Foundation Philippines, Inc.

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