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Car insurance, hate it when you don’t need it, love it when you do. It’s a must-have because life is filled with all those what-ifs. What if something happened to your beloved automobile? What if you can’t pay for it to get repaired in the event of a major accident? Insurance is the way to go, so motorists should invest in a good policy. 

So what makes a good insurance policy? It all depends on the company behind it. Unclear procedures, processing delays, and poor customer service are sore spots in the insurance industry, but how do you know which insurance providers treat their customers with the utmost importance? 

Moneymax is touting itself to be the hero website for Filipinos who are looking for an insurance policy for their car. In the last five years, this financial comparison tool helps people take the hassle out of finding a car insurance policy for them. On the site, one may find multiple company offerings in one convenient location. 

It isn’t merely a comparison tool; Moneymax helps you save up to 14.5% on your annual premium versus other companies. It also assures you faster and better customer service, with a 15-minute average response time on Facebook, and 100% of policies issued within 2-3 business days. The company also boasts that insurance claims will be a hassle-free experience because of Moneymax’s claims assistance tools. You won’t be left hanging because of the 24-hour response time for all claim requests. 

The firm has recently celebrated its 5-year anniversary, and several progressions were made to the website in order for users to have an easier experience while navigating. The refresh brings a more seamless user experience to help Filipinos be smart with their money and to make informed choices when it comes to picking a company to trust with their car insurance. 

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