CES 2017: Bose shows what ‘Beyond Sound’ means for cars

The brand Bose has been synonymous to top-notch sound quality and high-tech audio technology. However, at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the tech giant introduces a concept called the “Beyond Sound” experience.

As the name implies, Bose Beyond Sound is an experience that’s outside the company’s colloquial expertise. At their booth lies the Bose Ride suspension seating – a breakthrough that will make you want to ride your car more often.

Its award-winning and patented suspension technology isolates passengers from vibrations and unwanted movements while on the road. This is not your conventional lazy boy, mind you.

What would be the best type of car to demonstrate its features? A self-driving car, of course. It’s not enough that you let go of the steering wheel and let the car drive on its own. You should be able to relax fully on your seat, away from all the stress that life gives. Pretty perfect for that EDSA morning rush.

In fact, the Bose Ride system transforms into a personal entertainment hub for watching movies and listening to music. It can also be an extension of your office, increasing productivity even when you’re out on the road. The luxury of comfort of the Bose Ride technology comes with endless possibilities – an attractive trait for self-driving cars.

No one can predict exactly what vehicles will look like or how they’ll operate in the decades ahead, but our personal suspension technology is already proven, and it can dramatically enhance the passenger experience regardless of how transportation evolves,” said Marc Mansell, vice president, Bose Automotive Systems.

In addition to the Bose Ride technology, Bose treated their guests with their latest SeatCentric audio advancement for both music and non-entertainment purposes – the Bose Aware signal steering technology. It improves the ability to process and react to vehicle alerts, safety prompts, navigational signals, and incoming phone calls.

The sound is produced through the UltraNearfield headrest speakers that positions the sound where it is needed. It’s like a surround sound system for cars while driving; left turn signals can be heard at the left side, while blind-spot warning would come from behind.

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