Changan and Huawei's new Deepal L07 sedan, featuring cutting-edge technology, comes in electric and hybrid versions.

On May 17, Changan's brand Deepal revealed the Deepal L07. The new sedan is a result of their collaboration with Huawei, which concentrates on incorporating advanced technology. Available in electric (EV) and hybrid (EREV) versions, the Deepal L07 is created to offer a more intelligent driving experience, considering the technology it comes with from both companies. The car is sort of similar to the Deepal SL03, which is kind of on the sporty side, but the L07 is all about innovative technology.

The introduction of the L07 creates confusion among the Deepal lineup, particularly in Thailand, where the SL03 currently shares the L07 name. Speculation around a rebranding action to be taken soon suggests that Deepal may soon differentiate its sedans and SUVs more clearly, with sedans like the L07 starting with "L0" and SUVs beginning with "S0."  The head of Deepal, Deng Chenghao, mentioned the SL03 would still be sold even after the L07 is available. It will be interesting to see how they fix the name mix-up for the L07 sedan in Thailand.


November of the previous year saw Changan and Huawei establishing their partnership through an "Investment Cooperation Memorandum," which aspired to develop advanced intelligent driving systems, which can be clearly seen with the new Deepal 07. The sedan maintains the aesthetics of the SL03 but introduces new design elements like a more arc-shaped front and a through-type taillight with an illuminated badge, with an electric rear wing for a modern touch. 


The L07 is slightly longer than the SL03 by 55 mm, maintaining similar dimensions otherwise. It has a 2900 mm wheelbase, which provides good space inside. The electric version of the L07 has a 185 kW motor. The hybrid version uses a 72 kW engine combined with a 160 kW electric motor. Both versions use durable battery packs. You can see the whole range of Changan cars right now on AutoDeal, where you can also ask for a price quote for the Changan—or any other car, for that matter—you're interested in.

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