Volkswagen Multivan Kombi

March signals summer and Volkswagen Philippines is turning up the heat with its Zero Cash Out Promo. The brand is offering you the chance to drive away in style and with a great deal in tow. 

With this promo, you can take your pick between three well-loved VW vehicles, which include the Santana, T-Cross, and the Multivan Kombi. Partnered with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), customers can expect favorable rates, and no downpayments to be made upon purchase. Customers who are approved of a load will execute a Hold-Out Agreement amount for a duration of 24 months. 

Volkswagen Summer 2022 Promo Santana

The first model on offer is the Santana, VW’s entry-level sedan that starts at just P735,000 for the automatic S variant. For a drive around town or out of the city, the Santana is a great and comfortable choice that makes do with its durable interior and its classical looks that blend well with business districts and high streets alike. For this vehicle, expect a monthly payment of P18,361, and a minimum hold out amount of P147,000. 

Volkswagen Summer 2022 Promo T-Cross

Next up is the T-Cross, which is a subcompact crossover from the VW stable. As one of the more outgoing designs from the German brand, the T-Cross is as stylish as it is versatile, able to go over bumps on the road with ease, and able to transition into the city without any fuss. Whether you’re out on country roads or out and about around town, the T-Cross is the perfect mate for you and your lifestyle regardless of what it is. The promo brings down the price to P1,068,000 for the S variant, and expect a monthly payment of P26,679 with a minimum hold out amount of P213,600. 

Volkswagen Summer 2022 Promo Multivan Kombi

If your family is quite large and you want an equally large vehicle to go with it, VW Philippines’ Multivan Kombi is the prime choice and is priced at P3,595,000. Go about in style with the Metallic variant, and expect a monthly rate of P89,804 and a minimum hold out amount of P719,000. 

What’s a hold out amount? The hold out deposit earns interest with the participating bank. If you wish to terminate or withdraw the deposit on hold, you may do so after the 24th-month payment. 

Check out the promos of VW by getting in touch by inquiring or through our promo pages. Summer’s here, and getting a new car is the perfect way to start it. 

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