Take for example, Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier which I went to see at the movies about two weeks ago. For the whole one-hundred and thirty six minutes I couldn’t help but miss the sheer volume of Chevrolet product placement. If Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson or Samuel L. Jackson weren’t driving either a Tahoe, Corvette or Suburban, they were certainly running, ducking and diving for cover behind one of the three. It’s something that Chevrolet have done well time and time again with franchises like the Transformers series and something that I respect as a marketer and self confessed movie-junkie. It’s a great way to transcend your brand to the masses and it's not totally unrealistic to think that an espionage and law-enforcement agency like S.H.I.E.L.D. would tie up a fleet deal with Chevy for their company car program.

On a more local scale, our good friends at Chevrolet Philippines have been letting the general public get up close and personal with their vehicles at the 10th Annual Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) which was hosted at the World trade Center in Pasay City last weekend. 

In particular, the classic American brand showcased their Power-Packed Turbo Diesel Line-Up, including the Trailblazer, Colorado and Spin. In addition, as a means to maintain their tie-up with the Marvel franchise, Chevrolet displayed a customized Colorado fitted with Captain America decals, comparing the truck’s dependable power, rock-solider performance, durability and heroism to that of everyone’s favorite star-spangled man with a plan.

Tying in the performance and fuel economy of the turbo diesel range with MIAS’s “Crossing Boundaries” theme certainly makes sense locally, as we ourselves know (from days past) that the demand for such vehicles remains to be consistently high. Both the Trailblazer and Colorado have a new and improved Duramax Diesel Engine, which are readily available in either 2.5 Liter or 2.8 Liter variant. The 4x2 A/T variant of the Chevrolet Trailblazer also happens to be 2013-2014 SUV of the year!

our buddy James Deakin is considering it as a contender in his search for the country’s most economical car.

Also included in the “Turbo-Diesel Powerhouse Team” is the 7-seater Chevy Spin, which  is widely considered to be the first compact AUV to offer a 1.3-liter turbo-diesel engine. In summary the Spin promises to give economical fuel consumption without compromising power and acceleration. Available in either the LS or LTZ trims, the Spin churns out 75 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and 190Nm of torque at 1,750 RPM all while keeping fuel consumption to up to 23 km/L. In fact the fuel mileage on this vehicle is so good that even our buddy James Deakin is considering it as a contender in his search for the country’s most economical car.

So whether it’s featuring themselves globally in a blockbuster hit or on a more local level, letting us get our grubby mitts all over their vehicles all weekend, one thing is for sure: Chevrolet continue to show that they have something for everyone and now with a heightened focus on their Turbo-Diesel range, they’re showing that not only can you look good and get great power, but you can also save yourself a fist full of pesos at the pumps.

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