Denso head-up display

Denso Corporation, the Japanese supplier of component, systems, and parts to big automotive brands, announces a brand new innovation that involves safety of motorists around the world. They have developed the world’s largest thin-film transistor (TFT), liquid-crystal head-up display (HUD), and bound to release the technology next month in the Japan-model 2018 Lexus LS.

In case you’re not familiar with HUD, it’s a separate screen within the driver’s line of sight that shows important driving information such as the vehicle speed, speed limits, and navigation — kind of something you would see on Sci-Fi movies.

This promotes safety as the driver won’t need to look away from the road to see such important driving information. Locally, Mazda is one of the first Japanese brands to have them, and you can see it in the Mazda3 Sedan SkyActiv R.

However, Denso’s product is much, much bigger (around 24-inches of display) and projects the information onto the car’s windshield. Aside from the basic driving information, the Denso HUD can also display the locations of pedestrians via external sensors. Lane guidance is displayed as well, with arrows directing the driver as to which lane to use in conjunctions and intersections.

Denso also makes sure that the virtual screen is visible even with direct sunlight by using brighter displays and by incorporating colors and visual effects into the driving information. We can only imagine how cool it would look like driving a car with this new HUDs.

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