Driver’s license holders may have to retake exams by 2018

Current driver’s license card holders all over the country are bound to retake a mandatory exam. This is the main component of a proposed law in the congress, as discussed by Rep. Cesar Sarmiento last week.

As reported by UNTV via Yahoo! News, Rep. Sarmiento of the lone district of Catanduanes said that the law will mandate re-testing for drivers nationwide, which will be free of charge and will be shouldered by the government.

This aims to instill discipline among motorists, whether non-professional or professional. Rep. Sarmiento is also the Chairman of the Committee on Transportation of the House of Representatives.

The said law is supported by the Department of Transportation, as they see that the lack of discipline among motorists is one of the reasons for the congested traffic in Metro Manila. Although there are no clear reports yet as to when will this be officially implemented, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) advised that they will begin the exam retakes in January 2018.

Rep. Sarmiento also said that motorcycle riders should only be able to drive motorcycles, implying that there will have to apply for separate non-professional and professional licenses if they want to drive 4-wheelers and above.

Moreover, the report also mentioned new requirements (like TESDA-certification) will be heeded from professional license card holders, and new sets of exams will be in place for fresh applicants.

Of note, information about additional fees for the new requirements were not mentioned in the report, as well as if there are any provisions for those who failed and those who just renewed their licenses by 2017.

Source: UNTV News via Yahoo! News

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