LTO: Getting a 10-year license will have no extra cost or inconvenience

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has released a statement reassuring the public that the implementation of the new law requiring drivers who will renew their licenses to take a comprehensive driver’s education program (CDE) will not result in any additional expenses to the person and should be hassle-free.

LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galavante has also stated that the CDE for the 10-year license validity contains modules that are meant to reeducate drivers with the end goal of keeping the roads safe for everyone. Drivers who wish to renew their licenses will have to study the CDE modules and are required to take a 25-question evaluation test and pass it to get their CDE certificate which is a needed document in the license renewal process.

The government agency has also made the learning materials and test available and free on their Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) website portal. The CDE materials consist of a 5-hour long video presentation along with a slide presentation. These can also be accessed on Youtube but are currently in the unlisted category which means that you will need the link from the LTMS website. The LTO has also made these learning materials downloadable from the government website. The government agency also offers free face-to-face CDE seminars and exams to make it even easier for those who do not have stable access to the internet. 

It is important to note that the CDE for license renewal is different from that of what is required for student drivers and new license applicants. For the student and new license applicants, their learning materials are much longer and also cover a practical driving test as well. 

With the 10-year validity for driver’s licenses slowly being available nationwide, the LTO wants to make sure that everyone will be able to get the information they need on how to properly study and pass the new exams. The government agency’s end goal after all is to make sure that all future drivers are educated and to reduce the number of accidents on the road. 

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