Ford Ranger lineup

Ford Philippines ends 2020 strong thanks to two of its vehicles becoming the top-selling models in their respective segments. For the 4x4 pickup truck segment, the Ford Ranger came out on top with a commanding 41% share of the market. Not to be outdone, one of the newest additions to the lineup, the Ford Territory also had great figures. The small crossover SUV was able to garner 1,925 units sold with a 33% market share of the segment within a 5 month selling period. The Blue Oval also experienced a surge in its fourth-quarter sales, increasing to 36% from the previous quarter. This represented a growth of 30% over the previous month.

Breaking down the numbers reveals that the Ford Ranger 4x4 with its full-year sales was able to sell 5,093 units or about 52% of the 9,767 units that were sold of the Ranger nameplate within the year. This drove the market share of the pickup truck to 24% in its respective segment securing its position as one of the top-selling pickup trucks in the market. The success of the Ranger especially in the 4x4 segment can also be attributed to its new FX4 4x4 variant. With its introduction and its affordability, it made getting an off-road-ready pickup truck more attainable to those who need it.

2021 Ford Territory

When it comes to the small crossover SUV segment, the Ford Territory was no slouch either. It was able to reach 1,925 vehicles sold for its full-year sales which represents a 33% share of the segment over a 5 month selling period. A driving factor for its strong sales, according to the Blue Oval brand was its design that met the needs and fit the lifestyles of young professionals who are starting families and want a vehicle with a sleek and stylish look. On top of that, the Territory also comes with impressive performance and driver-assist features that, not only make the vehicle easier to drive but also help elevate the driving experience.

We thank our customers for their trust to the Ford brand amid a challenging year brought about by the pandemic. The continued demand for Ford vehicles in the country further drives us to bring segment-leading vehicles that are relevant to the needs of the Filipino driving public, now and in the future.

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