Ford Wildtrak X Exterior Front Quarter

There’s been a sizeable gap between the price of the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4 and the Ranger Raptor in the Philippines. Features are also similar, with suspension components and body panels being the main culprits for price. So what if there was a middle child between these two best-selling models in Ford’s local line? Enter the Ford Ranger Wildtrak X that officially debuted for the Thai market.

Essentially, the Ranger Wildtrak X is a top-spec Wildtrak 4x4 with extra bits. The same diesel engine that Ford Philippines has in the normal and the Raptor variant can still be found here. It is rated at 210 hp with a maximum of 500 Nm of torque and is also mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission with a manual gear selector and 4x4 capability. 

But, the ‘X’ in the monicker wasn’t about what’s under the hood. Most of the changes are functional exterior accessories that cater to off-road enthusiasts. Additions such as a snorkel help with water wading by relocating the entry-point of air into the engine. The wheel arches are beefed up and decorated with Ford logo pins. A set of 18-inch alloy wheels, colored in black, are also thrown into the mix to add extra style to the truck. Since this a special edition, the Wildtrak logo has an extra ‘X’ that can be seen on the side decals as well as the rear symbol at the back. Finally, a bullbar is fitted to the front bumper that adds extra protection and strength to the front end of the vehicle, and it also comes with a light bar attached to this piece. 

The 2.0L Biturbo Ranger WIldtrak X 4x4 has an official price of 1,265,000 THB, which translates to about P2,150,000 converted. The Ranger Raptor in the Philippines costs P1,998,000, but it is important to note that the same model in Thailand costs 1,699,000 THB, or around P2,900,000 converted. 

While the Wildtrak X is more expensive than a Ranger Raptor here, it is also more expensive to buy pickups in the Thai market. All of these additions add up to a total added cost of 101,668 THB, or just under P172,000. For the price of admission, it seems a bit steep, but then again we’re comparing another country to ours, whereas the Philippines has incentives for consumers to buy pickup trucks due to the lower price per unit. So are these additions worth it? The Ranger Wildtrak Biturbo is already a stellar pickup truck, and it can be had for much less than in Thailand. 

Let’s keep an eye out if Ford Philippines will bring in the Wildtrak X here to pump up its best-selling model. If it does, are you willing to shed additional pesos for OEM accessories that are professionally installed from the factory? 

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