Ford’s upcoming self-driving Fusion can see where your eyes can’t

Ford Motor Company showcased the next generation of their self-driving development vehicle, the Fusion Hybrid. It’s now readier to drive by its own; equipped with sensors that can “see” as far as 2 football fields away. That's the length of a 72-storey building laid flat on the ground.

This is part of Ford’s quest to build a fully autonomous SAE level 4-capable car by 2021.

While it’s built around Ford’s current autonomous vehicle platform, its processing power is updated with a new computer hardware. Moreover, its LiDAR technology has been optimized. Using light detection and radar to detect its surroundings, the previous 4 sensors of the current Fusion Hybrid model has been reduced to 2, without compromising its effectivity.

Good news is, the upcoming Fusion Hybrid is closer to becoming a production car than ever. With upgraded electrical controls and virtual driver system, it won’t be too long until this car roam our streets – that is, if 5 years (or so) isn’t too long for you.

Watch this video to see the latest development in the next generation Ford Fusion Hybrid:

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