After its successful entry in the Philippines, GAC Motor immediately managed to expand its dealership network across different parts of the country. With the on-going construction of its supposed Tarlac showroom, the brand has then considered opening another dealership mainly located at M.L. Quezon St., Maguikay, Mandaue City, Cebu. Now, the brand will be able to cater those interested buyers residing from this area. This is quite a progress for the brand, given the short span of time. Proving that GAC is indeed China’s fastest growing automaker.

Its official distributor Legado Motors, Inc. (LMI), signed an agreement with Autozam Motors as headed by Vince Lim under the conditions of opening a new dealership in Mandaue City by 2019. 

“We want to open the opportunity for every Filipino to own world-class yet affordable vehicles. This goal is possible with the support and trust of committed dealers.”

Aiming to bring affordable luxury to the mass, GAC Motor has a wide range of vehicle options within its lineup. Mainly being composed of the brand’s five strong nameplates which builds up a better impression among Chinese cars of today. 

To wit, the Chinese marque offers the GA4 sedan, which is available on either a 1.5-liter manual and 1.3-liter gas turbo automatic transmissions, the GA8 sedan and the GM8 for that stash of executive feel, the GS4 for that added ground clearance and SUV practicality when tackling the road, and lastly the GS8, a large SUV capable enough of catering seven passengers including the driver.

With such baby steps commenced by the brand, evidently, GAC wants to build up a positive image locally and spread its true essence and the qualities among locals residing from different areas within the country. With that in mind, it has surely laid out further plans in the near future, as they look forward to expanding its dealerships nationwide.

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