Vios Racing Festival Philippines

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) continues its One-Make Race (OMR) with this year’s Vios Racing Festival. These OMR cars are stripped out versions of the road-going Vios units you see on the road. However, these vehicles have quite a few modifications applied to them as well as a couple of TRD goodies. Notable mods are a roll-cage for safety, a slight ECU tune, and wheels and tires.

This is part of the vision of TMP to help develop the local motorsport scene at the grassroots level. Toyota has made docuseries that encapsulates the Vios’ local racing legacy. The docuseries follows the journey of both a season and up-and-coming racers competing in the different formats and classes. You can catch the action on Channel 5 this coming August 19, 2019, Monday at 9 p.m.

The docuseries will focus on the first leg of the Vios Racing Festival held at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga. During this event, there was a mix of celebrities, influencers, car club members, and automotive journalists in participation. The event was divided into two categories. The first was the Vios Autocross Challenge in which racers had to compete against each other as well as the clock on a specially designed course. Racers got the chance to use their own Vios cars as well as OMR cars during the event. The other event was the Vios Circuit Championship.

“We aim to democratize the passion for racing with these promotional efforts using the Vios. Having a docuseries that shows the different sides of our racers and offers behind-the-scenes access to our events will help us reach a much wider audience, and hopefully further ignite Filipinos’ interest in motorsports

In case you missed the first showing, there will be a rerun of the docuseries on August 23, Friday at 4:00 p.m. More new episodes will also be aired in October, November, and December. 

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