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Waymo, the self-driving car of Google parent Alphabet, will continue its series of self-driving car tests in Atlanta.

After its test program in Phoenix, Arizona, the Chrysler Pacifica minivans are ready to set their wheels in Metro Atlanta, according to Waymo’s Twitter post. The company also revealed that they are in the process of mapping the city. However, the autonomous car development company is mum on when the driverless cars will begin to give lifts to the passengers of Atlanta.

Waymo has already tested the self-driving minivans in 24 cities across U.S., making Atlanta the 25th city added on the list. This series of car test programs intend to expose the autonomous vehicles to different road conditions, weather, and environments in order to measure its capabilities.

On a side note, autonomous vehicles seem to be the next target of automotive companies. Recently, Toyota Research Institute (TRI) introduced the updated version of its self-driving car dubbed as Platform 3.0. Hyundai and Volkswagen, on the other hand, tied up with self-driving startup Aurora, and the known ride-hailing companies Lyft and Uber are also trying to create their own version of autonomous car.

With these numerous technological advancements, don’t you think a robot invasion is really possible? Imagine if a driverless car is waiting for you outside the house. Cool, right? Or creepy?

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