Gran Turismo update 1.11

To all Gran Turismo Sport gamers out there, the day you've been excited about since the last update is here. The game has been updated to version 1.11, with loads of new cars to drool over and a new track that you might be familiar with – Monza Circuit.

Before you get too excited about the new cars, developers added 4 events that have been added to the GT League.

First, there's the Raptor Survival Beginner League contended by Ford F-150 trucks for an all-out one-make race. Also, you can now roster in the J-Sport Meeting Amateur League where you can race in a high-performance Japanese sports car fest. A Ferrari-exclusive La Festa Cavallino Professional League and a Gr.3 Endurance Race for a more advanced gaming experience is also part of the 1.11.

Since its public release in October 2017, GT Sport has been criticized for having a limited list of cars compared to the previous installments. It was saddening that you can only jump into cockpits from the initial 159 cars – surprisingly few from the previous titles. 

You now can add these 10 new vehicles (10 more interiors to imagine yourself in) to your collection to race your friends.

Toyota Supra RZ

Toyota FT-1 Concept 

Ford GT

Dodge Viper GTS Coupe 

Lamborghini Diablo

Toyota 2000GT

Ferrari 330P4 

Ferrari 512BB

Jaguar XJR13

McLaren F1 

Lastly, you can improve your racing skills at the Monza Circuit, the 3rd oldest racetrack in the world. The game version of the 96-year-old race track located on the outskirts of Milan, Italy, features the same exact chicanes and consecutive corners just like real life. There are 2 configurations available for the Monza Circuit: one with the chicanes and one without. 

Not only is there a new circuit, the update also provided the game with 3 additional layouts for the Autodrome Lago Maggiore Circuit – the Center, East, and West. The Center layout is a short version of the fantasy course measuring 1.7 km, which includes a high-speed section. 

On the other hand, the East layout is a 3.6-km version connecting the front straight of Lago Maggiore to the east part of the track. It comes with a challenging S-curve to test your skills. The West is a 4.1-km version connecting the front straight to the west part. It features a steep uphill and downhill section at the end of the straight. All 3 courses are available with reverse layouts – Center II, East II, and West II.

The update is now live and downloadable on their website. Mind you, however, the version 1.11 will take up almost 4 gigabytes of memory space, which could take a while to download.

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